Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Infinite Art Update

Don't let the Advent Calendar distract you from voting in this weekend's first-round IAT action: 16th Century German Hans Baldung takes on Italian Futurist Giacomo Baldung!!!

Other active first-round action!!

Avercamp v. Bacon

Audubon v. Auerbach

Archimboldo v. Arp

Appel v. Archipenko

Anguissola v. Antonello da Messina  -- Polls Closing Soon!

Andrea del Sarto v. Fra Angelico -- Polls Closing Soon!

And available for voting in the Second Round!!

Altdorfer v. Andre

Agasse v. Algardi

Remember: Your vote counts as we continue the long long journey to decide the greatest artist of all time!

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