Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Wednesday Post

Recent Acquisitions to the Michael and Mrs.5000 Boring Postcard Collection
Gleaned from the Greater Portland Postcard & Paper Collectibles Show, February 2011
Thanks to La Gringissima for the tip-off.

Mississippi State University

Greetings from Gowanda, N. Y.

3515 Garden City Bank and Trust Co. Building, San Jose, California
On the Road of a Thousand Wonders

[I am unclear if the GCB&T Building is considered one of the Thousand Wonders.  -M5K]

Concordia College
Moorhead, Minnesota  56560


A breath-taking creation of golden symmetry, this unique decoration stands 16 beautiful inches tall.  Gilt paint covers unusual pasta shapes on an intricate cone of boucle lace.  A garland of golden mesh braid spirals the tree which rests on special lusterfoam base.  Silver Filigree Fantasy Tree pictured also available.  Another original giftcraft kit by National Handcraft Institute.


Entrance to Thimble Shoal Tunnel
The C.B.B.T. has four basic components: 12 miles of low level concrete trestle, two one-mile tunnels, two steel bridges, and four man-made Islands, providing entrance and exists for the short tunnels.


None of this week's postcards are available for sending.  If you would like to have a somewhat less boring (but still quite boring, I assure you) postcard delivered to your own home, that is your right and privilege as a reader of this online entertainment.

You may demand your card in the comments or by email -- I am (of course) Michael5000, and I use the major web mail service hosted by the Google folks.  


Michael5000 said...

Of which my favorite is JAKE CHRISTIANSEN STADIUM.

Heatherbee said...

Um, yeah--the stadium is one of the best I've seen. What IS she doing?

I hope there's a boring postcard bore-off someday!

Michael5000 said...

After some consideration, my hypothesis is that what we have here is a cheerleader caught in an unremarkable moment of working the crowd. Maybe if she had pom-poms, someone in the crowd would look at her. Who are the five women on the mobile reviewing stand? A homecoming court of yore? The world wonders.

sister jen said...

I had the same question abt the apparent cheerleader. They wore more clothes in those days...