Monday, March 18, 2013

Michael5000 vs. Shakespeare

This is just to say
That I've got a fully functional index for my blog-related Shakespeare activity now.  It's accessible over there to your right, under "A User's Guide to the Infinite Art Tournament."  My ultimate goal here is to have, like any educated Victorian gentleman, read my Shakespeare.  Also to have watched the better movie adaptations.  And to have checked out a handful of plays by Shakespeare's contemporaries, for a little bit of context.  Generally, to know Hamlet from a handsaw.

To this end, I'll finish porting in the out-of-print material from my short-lived Renascence Man blog project over the next few months, including the bit where I determined which plays are the most famous and which are the most obscure.  That one's pretty good.

Other Inconsequential Changes
  • There's been a minor change to the rules of the Play-In Artist Sub-Tournament that will make the Second Flights more compact, more fun, and more likely to turn out strong artists.  I thought you should know.  The details are also over there in the sidebar.
  • The so-called "Fabulous Prizes" have been withdrawn due to them turning out to be more burdensome to the winners than fabulous.  However, if you want a fabulous prize on principle, just ask.
  • I  decided I was going to scrap "The Wednesday Post."  But then I got talked out of it.  It's got fans!  Who knew?


Morgan said...

Should "the first-place artists in Round 2" be replaced with "the first and second-place artists in Round 2"?

Michael5000 said...

Yes. Yes it should.