Friday, May 3, 2013

The 2013 Northwest Animation Festival

It's May!  The leaves are out, the sun is shining!  Let's go inside and watch cartoons!

Did I say "cartoons"?  I meant "animation," of course.  The Northwest Animation Festival is now in its third year, and is bringing a copious -- copious! -- volume of funny, provocative, moving, beautiful, and/or startling animation to the City of Roses.  Specifically, to the Hollywood Theater, where there are afternoon and evening programs May 17-19.

Having watched EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of EVERY SINGLE FILM last year, I really can not recommend this thing highly enough.  The varieties of technique, narrative style, and mood available under the umbrella of "animation" is just dazzling.  I suggest you out-of-towners see if you can find some cheap airfare.  We'll put you up at the Castle, or something.

Here's the link:

Now, last year I rather rashly offered to buy a big bag of candy for anyone who found me at the Festival and identified themself as an IAT reader.  I had the candy all ready, but no one came forward.  This led to an unfortunate overdose on "Reese's Pieces" which I do not wish to revisit.  No special offers this year.  The festival will be its own reward.  Promise!

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gl. said...

thanks so much for posting this, mr. 5000. i'm pretty happy to hear you enjoyed so much of the fest last year, though i am sorry i missed out on the reeses pieces.