Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Wednesday Post

Ask not for whom the Wednesday Post comes, again!
It comes for thee, right?

Another Wednesday Post Giveaway!

So, like I said last week, Mrs.5000 and myself reaped a rich harvest of fine-arts jigsaw puzzles this holiday season.  We have enjoyed putting the first few together, but eventually one wants the dining table back for a while.

This time it's a Monet landscape, with 1000 highly squiggly pieces..

If you like the idea of having a classy artsy puzzle sent to you in the post -- perhaps the Wednesday post! -- but were too polite to say so last time after Morgan indicated his interest, just say so in the comments.  If you are Morgan, and want this one too, just say "I want this one, too."  If you like the idea of getting something free in the mail, but feel that it would be unseemly to say so in a public forum, loosen up and live a little.  If multiple people want it, the winner will be chosen by some sort of random deal.


Elizabeth said...

Can I have it sent to someone else, please? I mean I would love it as I like Monet and the beaches of Northern France a lot, but shipping costs over here would be prohibitive and then I'd have to find room in my suitcase. But Mom and John also like Monet (a lot, hence our trip to this very beach, plus Giverny of course) and also jigsaw puzzles, and if I could beg this gift on their behalf it would be super cool and really wonderful too. Merci beaucoup!

Morgan said...

If no one else wants it, then I will gladly take it!

Elizabeth said...

Aunts trump nephews on behalf of mothers. Subject to approval by the blogmeister of course.

Linda said...

This looks like a good'un to give to artist daughter. Sans box, of course :) --Linda

Michael5000 said...

I had quasi-randomly determined in favor of "Linda," but a brief survey of the small number of people I can think of named Linda who might be reading this blog has not turned up a winner. LINDA, YOU HAVE TWO DAYS TO REVEAL YOURSELF!