Monday, October 20, 2014

Art Treasures of the Castle5000 Collection: "The Box"

This masthead is based on the shipping box for the 1950s "Art Treasures of the World" art book series.

The Box
by Mrs.5000
Wooden Box filled with lots of stuff
One-of-a-kind item

Gift, c. 2004.

The Box was given to me by Mrs.5000 around ten years ago.

Although I mentioned it once several years ago, I've often asked myself, "Michael5000, how come you've never done a proper post on The Box?"  Well, as I took it outside to take these pictures, I remembered why.

It's really, really hard to photograph well.

But you get the idea!  What we have here is a triptych, my friends.  It is, I would go so far to say, reminiscent of late mediaeval devotional alters that wealthy folks could carry around with them so they could worship on the go.  Except, it doesn't really have much in the way of religious content.

There's lots to explore, including the mysterious drawers on the bottom.

And since it's done with mirrors, if you stare into The Box, it sometimes stares back at you.

So, that's kind of what The Box looks like.

Except it's about a million times cooler, in real life.


DrSchnell said...

I vote for Mrs.5000 to advance in the tournament!

Michael5000 said...

Good, ain't she?

gl. said...

soooooooo great. you're a lucky guy, m5000.