Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Wednesday Post

A Look Back at Lusk
the urban focus of Niobrara County

Last week, the Avatar checked in from Lusk, Wyoming.  He's not there anymore -- heck, he's in the next county over by now -- but we shouldn't miss the opportunity to see what's shaking in Lusk these days.

It looks like Smith's Tourist Court... still a motel.  It's hard to be sure, but I think the shell of the court is still visible within the Covered Wagon.  The bump-outs are about where the old stairs were, and likely enclose internal stairways that were added in a recent (ie. within the last forty years) remodel.  Sadly, the management of the Covered Wagon did not respond to my inquiry into this matter.

As for the Pioneer Court, a member of "The Best Western Motels"... is the Pioneer Best Western.

Now: Mrs.5000 did say something about looking at Lusk herself, and thinking that one of the motels has been turned into an apartment building.  After reviewing the available imagery, I think she is -- and I say this delicately -- dead wrong.  Perhaps she will leave outraged counterargument in the comments.

It sure wasn't difficult to find where the photos of Main Street were taken, though.

There is really only a block and a half of built-up commercial space in Lusk, and therefore only one place you could stand for a proper "downtown" photo.

The Conoco, my friends, is now a "Fresh Start."  The old hotel building is now an apartment building.  Maybe that's what Mrs.5000 was going on about. I've read that for many years this building was a windowless hulk, so its current incarnation as the urban focus of Niobrara County is probably a nice boost to the local landscape.

Lusk, Wyoming!


mrs.5000 said...

WHAT I SAID was that the HOTEL is now an apartment building. Also, that the Oasis Bar/Cafe is gone. Natter natter natter. So of course all those signs are also gone in that block. No need to listen to what I'm saying, I'm probably dead wrong, natter natter natter.

Michael5000 said...

Aw, that means we were both right!