Monday, October 13, 2014

Index of the Fifty States

Someday, maybe I'll be able to take a road trip or two to some of the art meccas that I've found through my "Songs of the Fifty States" write-ups.  And when that chance comes, I'll need an index.  So that's what today's post is.

The Art Meccas are either museums I've visited myself, or the museum that seems to be the state's top best collection of art in the Western tradition.  Figures in red show changes that have happened since the original post was published.

State Counties Run In Geohashed Ogled Art In Art Mecca
Alabama 32/67 No No No Birmingham Museum of Art
Arkansas 20/75 No No No Arkansas Art Center
Hawaii 2/5 Yes Attempted Yes Honolulu Museum of Art
Kentucky 6/120 No No No The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky
Louisiana 14/64 No No No New Orleans Museum of Art
Maine 16/16 No Yes Yes Colby Museum of Art
Mississippi 20/82 No No No Mississippi Museum of Art
Oklahoma 44/77 No Yes No Philbrook Museum of Art
South Carolina 45/46 No No No Columbia Museum of Art
Tennessee 10/95 No No No Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Texas 31/254 Yes Yes Yes The Kimbell Art Museum
West Virginia 10/55 Yes No No Huntington Museum of Art

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