Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Wednesday Post

The Americans Abroad
had a bit of a hectic time when I left the place.

The distinctive Scottish Bred Cattle, Belted Galloways

Thur May 10 - 1984,

Dear Amy - We spent yesterday driving around Galloway County, and saw some of these Galloway cattle. Our luck is still holding on the weather - mostly sunny. My finger is finally dried up, and I can hold a pen again. We are now heading a loop north around northern Scotland.

J & B

1189. -MALAGA
Plaza de toros
Place de taureaux

Hi Mom & Dad,

Having a great time - wish we'd come for 6 weeks. Rented a car, just left Cordoba on our way to Seville. Didn't like the bullfight - they killed 6. We've been living on fish & "CLAMS." Pat & Lefty


Jan. 30/81

Dear Zilpha,

Here we are in sunny Ariz. We traveled about all S. Calif. Was in L.A. for three days. Was on T.V. Watched "Real People" show being taped. When we called home they said they saw the back of Lee's head. We went to Mexico. It was a dirty place, didn't stay long there. Then to Tuscan, Phoenix, Yuma and now a little town of Quartzsite, where we joined some more camper friends. Tomorrow we leave for Las Vegas. We'll stop at Boulder Dam & Lake Havasu. Has been a lot of fun & enjoying the weather. Hope to be home next week-end. How is everyone? Have enjoyed all the cactus.

Love, Lee & Esther

Circular Quay from the Pylon Lookout, Sydney

S.S. Sonoma
Melbourne, Aust.
Sept. 21, 1963


Thought I'd send you a line - had a bit of a hectic time when I left the place. Been to a few islands and New Zealand, also Sydney, Melbourne, and due to go to some more towns & cities in Australia. Hope you're fine,

C.B. Erickson - 3rd engr
S.S. Sonoma
Oceanic Steamship Co.

(Bouches du Rhône)
Vue générale aérienne sur la Ville
Au ler plan : Le Château du roi René

July 31

Dear Joe - Made the trip to Tarascon & will try to see your brother.  Just arrived in this beautiful spot.  Such flowers!  Love Billie

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