Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Les boƮtes de conserve
Five artists who had kind of a rough time in the Infinite Art Tournament

Jean Fautrier on a recent French stamp.

Fautrier went 0-2 in the Infinite Art Tournament, with 2 votes for and 22 against.  His "batting average" of .083 is the worst of the 149 artists who have left the Tournament.  He exited in November 2013.

Arshile Gorky on a 2010 United States stamp.

Gorky went 0-2, with 5 votes in his favor and 20 against.  This gave him .200, the 140th best record of the 149 former Tournament artists.  He exited in March 2014.

Antoine-Jean Gros on a 1969 postcard from Ras Al Khaima, one of the Arab Emirates and, until 1973, a semi-legitimate postage-issuing entity.

Gros had no wins and two losses, with 4 votes in his favor and 20 against for .167 and the 142nd best record. He left us in June 2014.

Patrick Heron on a 2006 stamp from the United Kingdom.

In Heron's two losses he garnered 5 votes against 16; his batting average of .238 makes him the leader of this group but the 135th place artist overall.  He left the Tournament in July 2014.

Godfrey Kneller on two of the seven portraits of the Stuarts from a recent UK series.

Kneller shares Gorky's stats (0-2, 5-20, .200) and is tied with him for the 140th spot.  He left the Tournament earlier this month.

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mrs.5000 said...

Lessons deduced: If you paint famous people, you might get your art on a stamp, but you probably won't get credited. If you paint complicated abstracts, like Gorky, they'll look OK on a stamp, but if you paint simple blobby abstracts, like Fautrier, they'll look fabulous on stamps, so you should really focus on that market.