Monday, January 30, 2017

The New Monday Quiz Tries Out an Experimental Format

OK, here's the game:
First, fill in the grid with the answers to the implicit questions posed by the illustrations.

This will yield a proper noun. When you find it, list five noteworthy people, places, or things that bear the name.









Hold up!!  You aren't done yet!  Make sure you read the instructions up top!

Winners get bragging rights.


Morgan said...

Filling in the following:

2 - Paris
4 - Magritte
5 - Portugal
6 - Uruguay
7 - Hindenburg
8 - Flagellae

Is enough to reveal "Victoria".
> Queen Victoria
> Victoria II, a Paradox Interactive game
> Victoria, a province of Austrialia
> Lake Victoria
> Victoria Falls

The former being the namesake for the other four, I believe.

DrSchnell said...

This was easier once I figured out that you just put the answers in in order - w/o numbers, I had assumed you had to fit words in wherever they fit.
1. Severn
2. Paris
3. Casablanca
4. Magritte
5. ?
6. Uruguay
7. Hindenburg
8. Flagellum

So, Victoria is the middle down word:
Five things with the name Victoria: Lake Victoria, Victoria and Albert Museum, Victoria British Columbia, Victorian Squid (a Robyn Hitchcock song)(not sure if that counts as "noteworthy" since it's by RH and on an outtakes album at that, but there you go), Victoria Principal, Victoria province (Australia) (the last is an extra just in case you don't count the RH song).