Saturday, July 7, 2007

County Clerking

I got home today, and I'm going to ask you forgive me for a moment while I totally geek out on you:

The total county tally from my vacation is as follows:

Colorado: 3 new counties (Pitkin, Hinsdale, Rio Blanco) for a total of 46 (18 to go)
Wyoming: 1 new county (Lincoln) for 12 (11 to go)
Idaho: 5 new counties (Bear Lake, Franklin, Caribou, Banock, Power) for 31 (13 to go)
Utah: 3 new counties (Dagget, Rich, Cache) for 22 (7 to go)

With these new 12, I'm up to 935 counties (out of 3131 in the U.S.)

(Mrs. 5000 scored 2 new ones in Wyoming, 5 in Utah, and 4 in Idaho, so she's at 919)


Anonymous said...

Nice map- but inquiring minds want to know what the color coding means. Got legend?

Rebel said...

Wow... that's some impressive record keeping there! But yeah, I do want to know what the color coding means.

Karin said...

Welcome back to good old Multnomah County.

Jenny! said...

That is fantastically geeky! But fun too! I count states not counties, but now I am curious!

Michael5000 said...

@Dug & Rebel: Your wish is my command.

Brown = Places visited up to my leaving Oregon for graduate school. Obviously, I did not have a lot of opportunity to travel when I was a kid. This helps with the record-keeping.

Purple = Places visited during my five years of graduate school in Lawrence, Kansas.

Red = Places visited during my three years in Emporia, Kansas.

Blue (which is hard to disinguish from purple on this image) = places visited after I returned to Portland in 1999, before I got married in 2003.

Green = Places I've visited since I got married.

@Karin: Of all the counties I've visited, Multnomah is the one I'd most like to live in.

@Jenny!: "Fantastically geeky" feels like the perfect compliment, under the circumstances. I'm two states (WV and Hawaii) short of 50; how 'bout you?

Anonymous said...

can't tell from the map, but have you been to delaware? only three counties—super easy!

chuckdaddy2000 said...

919 to 935? She's gaining on you. You better watch your step.

Michael5000 said...

@MDIC: Way to think like a county geek! Was in Sussex County, the southern one, in '94, and in New Castle County, the northern one, in '05. Haven't had a shot at Kent County yet. I've twice done all five counties of Rhode Island in an afternoon, though, just because that's my idea of a good time. (And I wonder why I don't end up at better parties....)

@ChuckDaddy: Actually, I just came from behind and have blasted past her. Don't throw it in her face, though. She's still chafing from it.