Saturday, July 21, 2007

Windfall from the Second-Hand Gods

I was walking down the street this morning, just minding my own business, when I passed a woman setting up a yard sale. As I passed, she stuck a sign next to THREE BOXES of Legos that said "All -- $10."

Oh my. I had bought them within 15 seconds, and there were already people disappointed that they didn't get there soon enough. ("How much did you pay?" asked one sad woman. "Not very much!" I chirped. Which was terribly unseemly. I was wrong to gloat.)

Check out this haul!

That's, like, fifteen POUNDS of Legos. Which is awesome because, um, you know, kids. Kids love Legos! Gotta have toys on hand for when kids visit!

So I get home, and there's this antique-store find in the mail from occasional L&TM5K commenter Dug:

SUWEEET!!! And this isn't just a postcard, it's one of those booklets with 20 gatefold images inside, including not only such gems as the (former) Greyhound station and the judging of the Rose Festival floats, but also this one of Laurelhurst Park, a mere four blocks from Castle5000:

What a gem! It will hold a place of honor in the boring postcard collection.

So anyway, it seems like the second-hand gods are taking good care of me today.


Jenny! said...

My fiance would have jumped you for the legos on your way home! I don't get why legos are so expensive, they are little square pieces of plastic...and the kits are even worse! Good find at a yard sale!

Michael5000 said...

@Jenny!: Him and what army?

Jenny! said...

The army of little tanks and shit that he has built out of legos!

Michael5000 said...

I'm not scared. I've got all these polynesian Lego warriors and Lego astronauts and mediaeval Lego knights on my side now, and they're heavily armed. Except they're all smiling, which kind of makes them less intimidating.

Jenny! said...

Ha ha ha! Maybe you guys should just play legos together!