Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Blog Year!

Well, here we are in 2008! Time to shake off the brutal hangover from last night's bacchanalia, secure yourself a source of caffeine, and sit down to the yearly ritual of self-betterment. Yes, it is time for resolutions.

Now, you can make all of the resolutions you like regarding your relationships with family, partners, or food; you can set goals about your work or your workout; you can set strict limits on your alcoholic intake or sexual behavior or carbon footprint for the long year ahead. Good for you. But what are we doing here and now? Why, we are blogging of course! So, this is the time and place for the New Blog Year Resolutions! And here are mine.

Michael5000's New Blog Year Resolutions, 2008
  • Maintain all three blogs throughout 2008! [allowing a summer sabbatical for State of the Craft (SotC) and a winter sabbatical for Michael Reads the Bible (MRtB)]
  • Keep the quizzes coming as long as people want to take them! [Topics are currently planned through April.]
  • Be at least half done with "The Great Movies" by year's end.
  • Finish The Brothers Karamazov by the end of January; finish at least ten of the Reading List books by year's end.
  • Pick up the pace in MRtB (which is back from vacation, by the way). Finish the Book of Ruth by the end of the summer.
  • Vignettes! Vignettes!
  • Try to keep up with everybody else's blogs, but not at work.
You may list your own New Blog Year Resolutions in the comments, if you like. Or, of course, you can post them on your own blog, in which case I will read them there. But not at work.

Best of everything to all of you this year. Really.


Anonymous said...

You first one is daunting enough IMO. Maybe it wouldn't be if your other blogs made of less meaty stuff.But the Bible and quilting both have depth and require precision. Kudos on them.

Hmmm. A blogging resolution. I never thought of having one. it's a good idea though. No point in looking for mine (not at work) though as it will take some time to suss out.

Happy new year and thanks for great reading!

d said...

i wouldn't even know where to begin... my blog is purposeless and orderless, thus all the suckage.

Chance said...

I'm gonna keep doing what I always do, I guess. But, you know, more power to you.

Ya over-achieving bastich.

Bridget said...

Hmmm . . . blogolutions. Like revolutions, solutions, and resolutions, except on a blog. I like it. Perfect for dorky, idealistic over-achievers with grandiose ideas. Not that I know anyone like that. Ok, off to do my blogolution . . .

fingerstothebone said...

No blogolution, or any other -olution, for me. But a happy 2008 to you and Mrs.5000!

Michael5000 said...

@y'all: You guys are terrific. Have I mentioned that lately? Just terrific.