Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog Seeks Subtitle

Gentle Readers, I have some excellent news to share. You may remember that, last week, I interviewed for a promotion that would involve exciting new professional challenges and responsibilities! Not to mention a substantial pay increase! Well, you will be happy to hear that I did not get the nod, and will happily therefore be able to continue to dedicate many happy leisure hours to the production of rantings for this online periodical.

Which brings us to our next point.

Ever since the L&TM5K started, back in 2007, it has always borne the proud motto of

My Life. Like You Care.

Recently, though, I've been wondering if the first half of that is really accurate. After all, I don't really talk about my LIFE very much; it's really more like "Stuff That Interests Me, Like You Care" or "My Gonzo Projects, Like You Care." Except, those would both stink as subtitles.

Now, I know that many of you are still busy working on your Flag of Oregon designs. But, I am now also soliciting suggestions for a new subtitle/motto for the L&TM5K. There's got to be something short and punchy, something that would capture the essential experience of the blog -- you know, the dashing wit, the bracing intellectual rigor, the ineffible PIZZAZZ of the thing. But I can't think of anything. Can you?


Anonymous said...

"Not from Boring, Oregon!"

Karin said...

"My Blog. Like You Care."
"It's more than just quizzes!"

Bridget said...

"Notes From the Seven Foot Pinky File"

The statue of liberty in New York has a pinky finger that's seven feet long. When the Sweetie pulls random factoids and esoteric tidbits out of his, er, head, it's coming from "the seven foot pinky file." And, similarly, when he learns some new bit of interesting but essentially useless information that will only impress another geek like me, he puts it away in "the seven foot pinky file."

Did you know Oregon is the only US State with a two-sided flag?

Yup. Seven foot pinky file.

Bridget said...

"Dork Culture. In a Blog."
"Everything You Might Want to Know About Dork Culture (but were afraid to look for in a blog)"
"Glibly Exploring Dork Culture"

or something else that reflects back to the mission statement.

Chance said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the job, but glad you're still blogging away.


"I can't think of anything. Can you?"

Sums it up perfectly, I should think.

mhwitt said...

Quizzes and so much more.
Quiz me this.
Art, life and pop quizzes.

Anonymous said...

Your knowledge. My opinion.

Cans of minestrone for the brain.

My every waking thought. Ordered and abridged for your protection.

Life and opinions, ya big dork.

Just like you, only more so.

But I digress.

Purveying grist for the windmills of your mind.

Rebel said...

If I could think of a witty tag line, I'd use it for my blog!

But in line with that is Mrs5K's suggestion: Your Knowledge, My Opinions. That works!

McGuff said...

Very nice Rebel. No - awesome.

In the spirit of quizzes, a favorite anonymous quote:

“To vacillate or not to vacillate, that is the question. Or is it?”

In spirit of the general goings on at L&TM5K:

“Arbitrary observations, critiques and summary judgments. Oh yeah, and quizzes.”

Elizabeth said...

You used "happy" or a variant thereof three times in that first paragraph, but I'm not convinced you're entirely happy about the outcome. Condolences if this is true, congratulations if not, and either way, happy blogging!

That's your tagline: Happy Blogging.

DrSchnell said...

how about:

"Better than College"


"What College Should Be Like"


"Come for the Quizzes, Stay for the College Football"


"Shouldn't you be doing your job instead of reading this?"
(in my case, the answer is usually yes. This page is worse than Facebook in the diverting-me-from-my-original-plans department.

so, how about,

"Worse than Facebook!"

gl. said...

i was wondering if this was a natural evolution of the new mission statement...

"arbitrary topics & cuththroat quizzes"
"glibly yours since 2007"
"by special request"
"i don't care what you say, college football rocks"


"Violators will be stripped of their citizenship."
"Violators will lose their power of speech."
"Violators will owe a pound of flesh."
"Violators will be sent to the Inquisition."
"Violators will be dispatched in a highly creative fashion after a long, gloating, expository speech."
"Violators will have their names erased by fire from the great Book of Days."
"Violators will be tried at The Hague."
"Violators will be cast forth from the tribe."


"there's only one way to lose your partner at the dinosaur museum."

gl. said...

but i also like mrs.5000's suggestion, which i think perfectly captures the spirit of the Lives and Times of Michael 5000, as well as the blog:

"But I digress."

mhwitt said...

Another idea:

"The perfect blog is just like this one, only much, much better."

Yes, I am stealing from Laurie Anderson here.

Karin said...

oh I LOVE Laurie Anderson!

The one armed man walks into the florist shop and says, "What flower expresses days go by?"

Sorry...I'm easily distracted.

Jessica said...

"My every waking thought. Ordered and abridged for your protection."

Heh heh. Good one, Mrs. Michael!

Anonymous said...

At this point, I am basically a guy with a beard.

G said...

I really like "arbitrary topics & cuththroat quizzes", actually: sums it up perfectly.

G said...

I'm sorry to hear of the promotion. Those suckers don't know what they're missing; they'll regret it.

Bridget said...

Oooo - "Arbitrary Topics and Cutthroat Quizzes" is a good one.

Also wanted to throw

"Gleanings from the Mental Lint Trap"

into the mix, though it may just be too late!

Bridget said...

Oh, and GL, had to say your entries had me rolling!