Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Ramblings in Search of a Post

Another Damn Quilt

I continue to be in finishing mode with the quilting thing, and finished this sucker over the weekend. It has the imaginative title Labyrinth. Four years in the making, it has over 3000 individual pieces. Technical details are over at State of the Craft, as is the custom.

Why? I'm not sure. Why does anybody do anything?

Mmmm... Maps....

Here's some fresh linkage for all of you map and geography dorks. You know who you are, and it's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The book arts and image dorks might want to check some of these out, too.
Naturally, we continue to endorse occasional L&TM5K commenter Dug's "Map of the Week" as well.

Meanwhile, by way of Chance's blog I discovered the following entertainment. It's the most map fun you can have without a map. Or maybe it's not. Kind of interesting, though. Can you top my 88?


Beard Update

Two weeks into the beard project, we have a bona fide (albeit admittedly quite scrawny beard), as seen at left. Interestingly, I had a test of beard resolve at this fragile state of new growth. I am going to interview for a possible promotion at work tomorrow morning. After brief internal debate, I have resolved to keep the beard and rely on my snappy repartee to get me through the hour. I'll trim the neck, of course.

Anybody with good mojo to spare at 9 a.m. PST tomorrow, I'd appreciate whatever you've got. You know I'd do it for you.


Anonymous said...

Will send the good mojo. Ooh, it's at the poking stage. My sympathies to Mrs.5K. No offense meant. The ex went through this stage and it makes for excellent exfoliation but pointy.

I would have had ore than 39 but I am spelling challenged I am taking that again. Cool linkages here.

Is there a start and finish tag on the quilt. This one too is bitchin.

Rebel said...

Ok - that quiz is highly stressful, because it's not how many you can name, it's how many you can spell correctly & without typos which is kinda tough when it comes to all the -stan countries. (and no, I'm not just complaining because you kicked my butt... why do you ask?)

gl. said...

good luck! and thanks for the great map links.

d said...

the quilt is awesome.

i refuse to take the country quiz this early in the morning.

the beard is bitchin'! i'm glad you didn't shave it off. i keep wanting to every single day.

much luck with the interview.

fingerstothebone said...

I'm obviously too late for the good luck, so how did it go?

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: I'd say I did pretty well for 8/10 questions, and was pretty weak on 2/10. That's not bad, right?

Anonymous said...

74 countries with several seconds to spare and a complete blank. Geography was so much simpler when the wall was up and before we bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

Chance said...

Nice going on the interview. Luckily, Portland's the kind of town where people can see beyond a few days' beard scrabble.

Karin said...

No, that's not bad at all, M5K. Was thinking 'bout you yesterday. I'll keep that good mojo working for ya.

I got 74 countries, which felt pretty good until they showed me the 200+ I didn't get. WhatEVER.

Bridget said...

In Portland, you can go to the symphony in jeans; I'm sure you can go to a job interview with a slightly scruffy "Oh? You mean additional hair growth won't offset my carbon footprint?" look.

And labyrinth is beautiful . . . of to state of the craft!

mhwitt said...

On my first attempt with the Country Speed And Accuracy Typing Contest I got only 29, but that's because my brother rudely called me at an unexpectedly late hour. On my second attempt I got 75. Don't know why I tried to re-type Belarus about five times before giving up. I was thinking (until I checked Wikipedia just now) that it was spelled with a 'y' somewhere in the first syllable.

DrSchnell said...

111 countries. But then again, I've just given map quizzes to my intro geography students on the countries of the world. I made the mistake of spending lots of time typing things like Kazakhstan, and forgetting a few basics for speed like "Chad". What's the deal with them including "Queen Maude Land" and the like as countries?