Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Monday Quiz X

Modern Art

This week, it's the same question for all five: who is the artist? Not all of these are famous works in their own right, but all are highly characteristic of their maker.

In the unlikely event that more than three people sweep this one, you will also need the title for number three to get the Exclamation Point.

1. Who is the painter?

2. Who is the painter?

3. Who is the painter? (And what is the title?)

4. Who is the artist?

5. Who is the painter?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Karin said...

1. Pollock
2. Kandinsky
3. I don't know, but freaky.
4. I don't know, but I love it.
Symmetry. Good.
5. Rothko

1,2&5 are three of my very favorites of all time.


fingerstothebone said...

1. Jackson Pollack (Pollock?)
2. Joan Miro
3. Chagall, don't know title
4. Sol LeWitt, maybe?
5. Rothko

Unknown said...

1. jackson pollock
2. wassily kandinsky
3. marc chagall
4. sol lewitt
5. mark rothko

Unknown said...

edited to add: the chagall is "i and the village" at moma.

Rex Parker said...

Renna? Stenna? Unh! STELLA!?

Never had an Art History class in my life. Can I get a prize for 80% correct?


Rex Parker said...

Crap, didn't see the title part of the Chagall - it's "Me and the Farmer"


Rex Parker said...

Oh double crap, that's a Housemartins' song, not a Chagall painting title. Oh well. My answer will have to stand.


d said...

pollock (i've never understood why people like his stuff so much.)
kandinsky (i love me some kandinsky.)
chagall? (i have no idea of the title.)
lewitt (sp?) (i had a teacher in college who LOVED this guy. we had to make pieces in homage. it sucked. big time.)
rothko (every time i see/hear his name i think of the chicago journalist with the same name and it makes me chuckle. but that's because i'm weird.)

Elizabeth said...

1. Pollock
2. Kandinsky
3. Klee
4. Not a clue. Perhaps the eminent Danish artist Lego?
5. It's blue, but not Picasso, so I don't know. No star for me today.

Anonymous said...

1 Jackson Pollock
2 Wassily Kandinsky
3 Marc Chagall (um, Springtime in the Village)
4 Sol LeWitt
5 Mark Rothko
6 Michelob

Rebel said...

1. Jackson Pollock
2. Miro?
3. I've never seen this one, I'm going to guess Kandinski, just based on the colors
4. I don't *do* sculpture
5. Mark Rothko... but not my favorite. When I saw the deep blue & orangey red one in SF MOMA I literally gasped, then stood there for quite a while feeling it move.

Rebel said...

Oh dang... well #2 *looks* like a Miro.

Rex Parker said...

Who are you people with your crazy sculpture knowledge!?!?! I maintain that sculptor guy is a hundred million times more obscure than the other artists. But then, I maintain the obscurity of puzzle answers for a living...


Rebel said...

Rex - did you know that the Housemartins are one of David Tennant's (Doctor Who #10) favorite bands?

Mr. Shain said...

1. jackson pollock
2. wassily kandinsky
3. marc chagall/"pony and a jew"
4. doozers (from fraggle rock)
5. mark rothko

Anonymous said...

I'm still enjoying: "Unless it's a tricksy question, and the bottle is Rolling Rock, but maybe the beer itself is maybe Miller, or something else."

On to the art, which should be easypeasy, as I own all the originals:

1 - Pollock
2 - Dunno
3 - Chagall - The Village People
4 - Dunno
5 - Dunno

Suggestion -- make this one like golf, low score wins....

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That first one is Pollock, and the one with horse's head or whatever is Picasso.

Other than that I have no flipping idea.

That last one is crap. Is it denim?

Laura said...

1. Pollack
2. Chagall
3. Yourmom, Green Man Proposing to a Horse.
4. Frank Gehry
5. Rothko

Boo said...

1. Pollock (I know it's misspelled. It's he fun way to remember artists names. Jackson is a white mild fish.)
2. Was Silly Kandinsky
3. No idea, folky meets blue meanies
4.Solly Witty , maybe. I saw some of his installations this summer but not this one. Though it is very like the others.
5. Mark Rothko bar. Crunchy and dipped in white chocolate.

This was neat. I have a hard time remembering the names if I don't goof on them. Sorry.

Michael5000 said...

And thus another Monday Quiz comes to a close. The answers were like so:

1. Jackson Pollock
2. Wassily Kandinsky
3. Marc Chagall ("I and the Village")
4. Sol LeWitt
5. Mark Rothko

Michael5000 said...

Which leaves us with three (3) Exclamation Points for MQX:

Becky and Mrs.5000 both claim their third Monday Quiz Exclamation point. They join Chance in a tie for first on the Monday Quiz Leaderboard.

d, taking home his second exclamation point, moves up into the scrum for fourth.

Thanks everyone for playing.

Michael5000 said...

@d: I've never understood why people like Pollock either. Except that ~I~ like Pollock. So what am I going to do?

@Mrs.5000: Michelob indeed.

@Rebel: Sol LeWitt would tell you HE didn't do sculpture, either.

@Rex: Nah, Sol LeWitt is roughly on par with Chagall and Rothko. One advantage he has is that, because of the three-letter first name and the consonant-vowel pattern of his last name, he shows up a lot in crossword puzzles. You should try your hand at crossword puzzles, Rex. I bet you'd really enjoy them.

@Dr. Ken: I kind of tend to share your thoughts ("crap") about Rothko. More specifically, you read about how he claimed not to be interested in color, but just in expressing emotion, and you think, "gosh, it's a pity this guy wasn't interested in color, because he sure spent a lot of time PAINTING BIG SWATHES OF EMOTIONLESS COLOR!"

But then, I hear from people I respect, or from Rebel (little joke there, Reb. Ha! Ha!), how amazing or intense they find a Rothko painting, and I kind of think, like, hmmm.....

@Laura: Once again, you win the prize for SmartAss Answer That Makes Me Snort. Except, there's no prize for that.

@Boo: Mnice Mnemonics!

Anonymous said...

I think Boo deserves something for using the term "installations".

G said...

Oh poo, ya'll. This is what I get for spending all of Monday in transit and dealing with NYC apartment fires (thankfully not mine, but scary as hell nonetheless).

Michael5000 said...

@karmasartre: You know what, with LeWitt of all people that is a fine word to use. Good catch, and an official supplemental kudo to Boo.

@g: This is why you should never travel on Monday or Thursday.

Rebel said...

I didn't really appreciate Rothko until I saw that one in SF. Posters don't do him justice, and some of his work at the Portland Art Museum is just so-so.

Rex Parker said...

The idea that Sol whoever he is is anywhere Near Chagall or Rothko in fame is utterly absurd. And I can tell you that he has NEVER appeared in a crossword (well, since fall '06, anyway).


Michael5000 said...

@Rex: "Absurd" is a bit strong, but you appear to have the greater rightyness on this point; see my newest post.

I'm fairly certain I've seen both "SOL" and "LEWITT" as occasional crossword fill.