Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Monday Quiz XIII

Maps: North America

It's the same question for all five this week: What is the state or province shown in the map?






Answers go in the comments section.


Rebel said...

If I don't get the first one right I'm in trouble... because that would be 1. Washington State

2. The most eastern province of Canada...also known as.... um... Ontario?

3. I don't think you'd do a quiz on North America without a Mexico question, so Chihuahua?

4. Montana?? Could also be a Dakota, or well, any of several western non-coastal states... but I'm sticking with Montana.

5 One of the square ones... great. I don't think it's quite rocky enough to be Colorado, so I'm going to guess that's the great state of Wyoming.

I am comforted only by the thought that I got more answers right than Dubya would have. ;)

d said...

1. washington stste
2. it's in canada somewhere i bet. um. quebec?
3. it looks like it's probably in canada to me, which probably means it's in mexico, which means that it really probably is in canada. saskatchewan?
4. i hate the rectangular states. i'm gonna say south dakota.
5. oh. and the fucking square states too. i originally thought new mexico, but after studying a little more closely, i think i'm gonna say wyoming.

Elizabeth said...

1. Washington.
2. Nova Scotia? Maine? I don't know.
3. Alberta?
4. Nebraska, I think.
5. Utah was my first thought. So I'll go with that.

Wow. No wonder I get lost so easily.

Cartophiliac said...

1. Washington
2. Quebec
3. Manitoba
4. South Dakota
5. Wyoming

Anonymous said...

1 Washington! Well, that gets me a lot of cred.
2 It's big, it's Canadian, it's eastern, it's--oh,crap. Newfoundland?
3 I want to say Alberta, so I will.
4 Uh, South Dakota.
5 Wyoming.
Nothing puts the spark in Monday morning like struggling through a quiz that seems like it should be should be a piece of cake. A piece of isolated, unfrosted, and strangely unrecognizable cake.

CPM said...

1. Washington
2. Quebec
3. ??? no idea
4. Montana
5. Wyoming

Anonymous said...

2/Quebec (looks like that lumpa Hudson Bay protruding on the left

Rex Parker said...

1. WA, 2. Stupid Canada ... Manitoba?
3. Rhode Island? 4. SDak 5. Wyoming.

2 and 3 are surely wrong.


DrSchnell said...

1. Washington
2. Quebec
3. Manitoba
4. North Dakota
5. Wyoming

Anonymous said...

1. Washington state
2. Quebec
3. Manitoba
4. North Dakota
5. Wyoming

Anonymous said...

p.s.--I did get an account just to play the quiz.

mhwitt said...

Wow! Several items from Raven Maps and Images here!

A. Washington, home state of my mother.
B. Quebec, home province of many other mothers.
C. Oh, man! I always forget if Manitoba or Saskatchewan is further east. This is the the province that is more easterly, bordering Ontario. I think it's Saskatchewan.
D. I think that's South Dakota, but I'm going to be mad if it's North Dakota, my father's home state. All that topography in the southeast has me thinking "Black Hills" though. I'm also thinking that big ol' river would not dare traverse North Dakota.
E. That's Wyoming, not the other square state that goes by the name Colorado, right? The mountain ranges are in a much tidier north-to-south arrangement in Colorado.

mhwitt said...

Well, that settles it. That was right up my alley and I got two of them wrong.

If I can't ace that quiz I'll never ace any of them. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

1. Washington State
2. Eastern Canada, Quebec or shoot. I should know that one for sure but I am guessing.
3. Oh that's the place with few roads and fewer pairs of stiletto heels.
4. It's purty and placid. No clue.
5. A square state. Hmm. Not Colorado. I know I will feel silly when I read the comments because someone always has the one I know but forget.

Michael5000 said...

OK, you've got your:

1 - Washington
2 - Quebec
3 - Manitoba
4 - North Dakota
5 - Wyoming

Michael5000 said..., from a very small field this week -- hopefully not a sign of generally tanking readership numbers -- we've got two (2) winners for the MQXIII Exclamation Point: k-boogie & DrSchnell.

Alert Quiz fans will note that this is the same duo that took the Monday Quiz last week, the first time that such a thing has happened in either quiz. The win moves the good doctor into the tie for second place in lifetime Monday Quiz achievement.

Michael5000 said...

@Rebel: It would be SO interesting to see how our chief executive did on the quizzes. Although you never know. Maybe he's k-boogie.

@d: You hate the rectangular and square states? Dude! Kansas?!? Colorado?!?

@Chris: Hi Chris! Welcome to the Monday Quiz!

@karma: Oooh! So close!

@k-boogie: And a good decision it was, too. Congrats on your back-to-back success. We've got some action here you might enjoy on Thursdays, too...

@boo: bonus points for "the place with few roads and fewer pairs of stiletto heels."

Well played, everyone. See ya next week.

Anonymous said...

I'm not aware of any "square (shaped) states". There are two rectangles: Wyoming and Colorado. There are two wannabe rectangles: New Mexico and Utah, which have all straight-line borders. All the others have at least one border defined by a geographical feature, normally an ocean or river. They produce interesting shapes...Wyoming and Colorado are not interesting shapes...on a map. Whoever designed them should think outside the rectangle, or be subjected to some new-age class in shape-shifting, or be water-board-ered.

Michael5000 said...

@karma: Well, I think by "square" he meant "all right angles" and by "rectangular" he meant "rectangularish." But yes, you are correct of course. Unless we want to get persnickity about the latteral curviture of the latitudinal northern and southern borders of CO and WY, or the arc of the earth's curviture underneath, as it were, all four borders, which in any event traverse irregular landforms....

Speaking of persnickity, New Mexico actually does have a brief stretch of border that follows a natural feature. And you could make a case that Delaware doesn't, depending how you want to treat "shore" vs. "riverbank." (Connecticut is close, but no cigar.)

A principle of political geography: at any place you seem a straight-line border, you can pretty much tell that the locals weren't consulted when the line was being drawn. Often times, the process by which straight-line borders were established are spectacular studies in carelessness -- northern Africa has the most over-the-top examples.

Rebel said...

^^That's the kind of thing they should teach in Jr. High Geography.

A lot of the seamingly arbitrary things I learned about history in school have only started to make sense as an adult.

(and I'm not just bitter because in Jr.High I had to memorize all the countries & capitals of EurAsia before they promptly went and made more countries thus invalidating much of what I had learned... well, maybe a little bitter ;) )