Monday, February 18, 2008

A Second Anecdote, Oddly Enough, About the Motion-Activated Lights in the Restroom at Work

I'm in the restroom, the motion-controlled lights are on, and all is well. A high-spirited coworker, a Russian man about my age, we'll call him Aleksy, shuffles in and enters a stall. A few moments pass.

The door opens again. We hear the voice of Aleksy's crony Bogdan, an equally high-spirited Bosnian man. Together, Aleksy and Bogdan are the office goof-off and class clown, although which man is which varies from day to day.

Bogdan has somehow come into possession of one of the little keys that turn motion-controlled lights on and off. "You must," he intones from the doorway, his heavy Eastern-European accent dripping with profundity, "learn to use -- the instinct!"

And the room goes pitch black.


Anonymous said...

I think Annie Sullivan might approve.

d said...

he's the bosnian version of the fonz!

Rebel said...

"Use the force, Luke"


re: the quiz survey... I'm ambivilant. I'm always very excited to take the quizes... but then the ego crushing that comes from getting virtually none of the questions right does sting a bit. Do whatever makes you happy. Maybe a season of Thursday quizes followed by a season of Monday quizes. Or maybe keep one day as quiz day but alternate the format from week to week. There are lots of options.