Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXXIX

Pie Graphs!

For each of these pie charts, identify the topic. Be careful!






Give the answers in the comments.


Morgan said...

1. U.S. Annual budget
2. Populations of Countries
3. Atmospheric Gas Content
4. Last names of people in Vietnam
5. What people talk in South Africa

The first one: A toughie. I'm going to hazard a guess at the U.S. budget, running on 3 assumptions: 1. most of Education is paid for at the state level, 2. We spend less than I thought on defense, and 3. The little numbers are in billions.

Second: Three clues. First, China and India are the first. Second, the US has 5%, a number that I remember from Social Studies last year. Third, the extremely large "other" category.

Third: No-brainer. That is, if you know anything about the atmosphere.

Fourth: Well, just about every Vietnamese person I know is either a "Nguyen" or a "Tran".

My reasoning behind the last one is the lack of "French" as a language, and I know that they speak both Afrikaans and English in South Africa.

Rebel said...

1. Division of the US budget, numbers in billions of dollars maybe?
2. Countries who are invested in US businesses or own US businesses or something of that nature. OK - nationality of companies in the fortune 500.
3. Composition of the air we breathe.
4. Most common last names in...Korea (or maybe Vietnam?) sticking with Korea.
5. Languages spoken on the African continent

Ok this quiz is difficult, but I like it because I am in general a supporter of pie charts and other graphical representations of information. That is, if the graphical representation chosen is appropriate to the type of data being illustrated.

Morgan said...

I just realized that I used terrible grammar in my fifth answer, please don't deduct any points for this linguistic blunder.

Cartophiliac said...

1. Federal spending
2. world population
3. composition of air
4. Vietnamese surnames
5. languages in South Africa

Christine M. said...

Yeah. What he said.

Eversaved said...

1. US National budget
2. World population
3. composition of the air
4. Vietnamese surnames
5. Languages spoken in South Africa

The Calico Cat said...

1. US spending/budget
2. Population (Based on China & India having big slices...)
3. atmosphere
4. Common Asian surnames (Probably Vietnamese to be more specific.)
5. Languages Spoked in the Republic of South Africa.

Dan Nolan said...

1. US budget
2. World population
3. Elements in Earth's atmosphere
4. Vietnamese last names
5. Languages spoken in South Africa

Elaine said...

1. US budget?
2. How many impoverished/hungry people, by % of population?
3. composition of...of...atmosphere
(but is that enough argon?_) Maybe it's someone else's atmosphere...
4. Last names in VietNam
5. Languages spoken in S. Africa

Totally guessed on (imagine a little pie chart) 60%! tsk.

Elaine said...

Don't worry, young man. M5000 is in no position to criticize. (Feeling snarky today, did you notice?)
Hey, isn't it an unfair advantage that Morgan took Social Studies last year, whereas SOME of us last had any such course more than 4 decades ago?

DrSchnell said...

1. U.S. Federal spending
2. global population
3. composition of our atmosphere
4. Family names of people in Vietnam
5. Languages spoken in South Africa

Anonymous said...

1. US Federal spending?
2. World population percentages.
3. Make-up of Earth atmosphere.
4. Vietnamese surnames.
5. Languages spoken in South Africa.

Ben said...

I'll go with what, to me, seem to be the obvious answers. I quake at the warning to "be careful."

1. The breakdown of the U.S. Federal budget
2. World population by country
3. Gases in the air we breathe (unpoluted)
4. Vietnamese last names
5. Languages spoken in South Africa

boo said...

1. Us Budget breakdown
2. Hmm. World poverty?
3. What makes up the air we breathe.
4. Popular Korean surnames
5. Languages in South Africa?

Missy said...

1. US federal budget
2. World population distribution
3. Composition of Earth's atmosphere
4. Commonality of family names in Vietnam
5. Languages spoken in South Africa

Walter Sobchak said...

1. United States budget rundown
2. percentage of world population by country
3. composition of the air we breathe
4. most common Vietnamese surnames
5. ethnic groups in South Africa

Michael5000 said...

Well, most of these were apparently not as tough as I expected, or perhaps it's that y'all were especially brilliant today.

1. A breakdown of the 2008 US Federal Budget.

2. World population by country. The top six have 50%, the bottom 205ish have the other half!

3. Composition of the (Terran) atmosphere.

4. Vietnamese surnames.

5. First languages of South Africa.

Michael5000 said...

...which means that MQ Exclamation Points go to a vahst array of contestants today, such as: Morgan, Carto, la grina, Ms. Saved, Calico, Dan, Doc Schnell, Critical Bill, Ben, and Missy.

Two new winners today telecommuted in from the new L&TM5K simulcast on the Facebooks: Trena K. and Kurt F. Welcome to the Quiz.

Rebel said...

So close... and yet, so very far away. =/

Elaine said...

Wait, wait! What about silver stars and all that? I mean, just because I missed 20% (1/5 of the pie chart) doesn't mean I should be stripped of any honors, right? So, i was so suspicious that I over-guessed...but I wasn't that bad, right?
I score so seldom...