Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXXVIII

Name That Theme!






Submit your answers, and the theme, in the comments.


Rebel said...

1. Mercury
2. Venus
3. Saturn
4. Mars
5. Pluto

Theme: Four planets and a Disney character. ;)

PB said...

Primarily planets...
1. Not sure, exactly. Looks silvery like Mercury, though.
2. Venus Williams
3. Saturn
4. Well, looks like a Milky Way bar (or half a dozen other assorted candy bars).
5. Pluto

Christine M. said...

1. Mercury
2. Venus (Williams)
3. Saturn
4. Mars (Bar)
5. Pluto

4 planets and an also-ran.

d said...

that first one through me for a bit. i was like, 'things that start with an s?' and then pluto definitely didn't fit in with that. then it hit me. planets.


poor pluto. i don't care what anyone says, i will always consider it a planet.

DrSchnell said...

1. Mercury
2. Venus (Williams)
3. Saturn
4. Mars
5. Pluto

Theme - planets (or minor planetoids) of our solar system

Nichim said...

Planets as we learned them in elementary school:
1. Mercury (is a liquid solid creep)
2. Venus (Williams is a hot tennis star)
3. Saturn (is the kind of car my mom drives)
4. Mars (bars are bad for your teeth)
5. Pluto (is older than Goofy?)

Rebel said...

And I'm with you d... once a planet, always a planet.

The Calico Cat said...

I did not get it for quite some time, but they are planets. Duh. (The first one confused me the longest.)

mrs.5000 said...

1 Mercury
2 Venus Williams
3 Saturn
4 Well, now, if the theme is planets, that should be a Mars bar. But is it a Mars bar? I have no clear memory what's in one (nuts? coconut?), and maybe they stopped making them when I was twelve, for all I know. My first reaction was that it was a Milky Way, in which case the theme is more loosely defined as astronomy. I'm pretty sure it isn't a Three Musketeers, in which case the theme would have been, "One of these things is not like the others." Also it wouldn't have caramel. But it does look just like a Snickers without nuts, and I think that's exactly what a Milky Way is--a gelded Snickers--so I'm going to toss the tightly-constructed planets quiz theory, and go with Milky Way. Not to, you know, overthink things.
5 Pluto
the theme is "astronomy among us," or, "mostly I stick around the solar system, but I also like to consider the bigger picture."

Anonymous said...

Well, the theme is planets but I'm not sure if I have the first one...

1. Is it Mercury?
2. Venus
3. Saturn (pretty good car, actually.)
4. Mars
5. Pluto (who I think is a Hungarian Vizla, dogs we grew up with.)

Kritkrat said...

4. looks more like a Milky Way than a Mars bar to me. Aren't Mars bars all just fluffy whipped chocolate? So I am going to say:

Milky Way

And go with the Solar System as a whole for the theme...

Ben said...

Planetary objects of the Solar system!

1. Earth (because of the 3)
2. Venus (Williams)
3. Saturn
4. Mars (which makes the Milky Way bar--which is what this is? Or is it a Mars Bar?)
5. Pluto--technically no longer a planet.

Seems "obvious" enough to be some kind of trick this week... If so, I've been fooled (again)! Or maybe after the excruciating level of difficulty of the past weeks, maybe you've taken pity on us and given us an easy one.

fingerstothebone said...

Look at those arms! She looks like a bronze sculpture.

As someone who doesn't watch sports, doesn't eat candy bars, and didn't grow up watching American cartoons, I was seriously handicapped.

Fool for paper said...

Hey, fun! The planets!
1) Mercury (element)
2) Venus (Williams)
3) Saturn (the car)
4) Mars (the bar)
5) Pluto (the dog)
But wait, didn't Pluto lose it's status? Is this Brand Names based on the Planets?

Morgan said...

1. Earth (it's the third planet)
2. Tennis
3. Saturn
4. Milky Way
5. Pluto

Michael5000 said...

1. That would be a floating pool ball -- the liquid it's floating in must be pretty damn dense, and it's shiny, so it must be MERCURY!

2. That is the formidable professional athlete VENUS Williams.

3. That is the logo for the SATURN division of General Motors.

4. That is a MARS Bar. It does not especially look like a Mars Bar to me, as it is thin and lacks big chunks of almond in a top layer of nougat. Alas, the Mars bar of my youth has discontinued as of 2000, and its niche filled with the Almond Snickers product. The "new" Mars bar is what used to be the EUROPEAN Mars bar, a "sweeter version of the American Milky Way," which began to be distributed in North America in 2002. So sayeth the Wiki.

5. Pluto the licenced Disney character! Interestingly, although I completely support the dePlanetification of the Pluto orbital body, my mind went on total autopilot when I was throwing this quiz together. Old conceptual models die hard.

Michael5000 said...

Oh, by the way, I accepted MILKY WAR for four, based on the above candy bar related research.

MQ Exclamation Points go out this week to Rebel, PB, la gringissima, d, DrSchnell, Nichim, The Calico Cat, Mrs.5000, Kate, Kadonk, and Fool for Paper.

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: as someone who arguably doesn't watch sports, doesn't eat candy bars, and didn't grow up watching American cartoons, I think I would have struggled with this one a little more than the rest of these folks myself. It's much easier MAKING a Monday Quiz than TAKING a Monday Quiz.

Rebel said...

Woooooo HOOOOOO! Rebel is back in the game. I nearly had a heart attack when Ben suggested this might be some kind of trick theme. I'll be wearing my exclamation point with pride today. =)

d said...

wait. there's an almond snickers® bar?!?! that's what perfection would taste like. where? how? why? where?

Yankee in England said...

What is even more confusing is that a milky way over here is the same as a three muskateers in the US. Was not a pleasent suprise the first time I bought one.