Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Three Dorky Updates

(of last week's Three Dorky Endeavors)

I: Running in Rows and Columns

The running spreadsheet continues to motivate. Since last Tuesday, I'm proud to announce I have set new all-time records* for distance run on the 3rd, the 7th, the 8th, and the 10th of a month!!! And I might as well just say it now, I'm going to break the all-time record* for distance run on the 11th today. (And actually, I'm on pace for a 100-mile month, which really would be pretty cool.)

Meanwhile, it has occured to me that my spreadsheet also needs to track distance by day of the week, but we'll save that hack for a rainy day.

II: International Man of Chess

I did lose to the guy from Barbados, but that only got me to 24.58% of chess.com's "countries" -- still a little under 1/4. I'm happy to tell you, though, that I have games in progress with representatives of Lesotho, Curacao, Ghana, Belarus, Syria, Lebanon, Slovokia, Italy, and the Phillipines, so eventually a few of them ought to batter me over the 25% mark.

Oh, and Calico Cat wanted to see the chess spreadsheet. Here's a slightly doctored version:

III: Like County Collecting on Steroids. Or Maybe Acid.

People, I am SO EXCITED** about geohashing! I woke up at dawn on Sunday to drive across to the Evergreen State and find a nondescript place in a muddy field! Successfully! It was freaking awesome!

IV: Like Regular Old County Collecting

I continue to color in the new computer version of my county map, bit by bit, state by state. I kind of like the way it looks right now, through the letter "I".

V: Just in Time for the Holiday Season...

I've wrapped up the Bible-readin' year on Michael Reads the Bible. Having made it through Proverbs, I've now finished 20 of the Bible's 66 Books (30.3%), 659 out of 1189 Chapters (55.4%), and 16401 out of 31102 Verses (55.7%). The idea of being more than halfway done with a reading project is pretty amazing, but there you have it. Ecclesiastes for the new year!

VI: It's a Love Story, With a Twist!

Meanwhile, I've got material on John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore up on Rennaissance Man. Short version: without a doubt, it's the finest incest-fueled revenge slasher tragedy I've ever read! But it's not for everybody.

VII: Did You Notice How There's Going to be a Wednesday Quiz?

'cause there is.

VIII: I Forgot to Stop at Three!

So we'll just cut to the footnotes:

* Records date to August 2009.

** Fillup Monkee voice.


sister jen said...

Jeez, it's too bad you don't have any hobbies . . .

Jenners said...

Oh My God you are a dork!

Unknown said...

@sister jen: well, you got hobbies too....

@Jenners: point being?

The Calico Cat said...

Since when do Oregon & Washington come before "I"

BTW I went through 4 Maryland counties yesterday. 3 in about 5 minutes time!

All 3 of which you are missing if memory serves...

Michael5000 said...

@C.C.: I anticipated that you would ask this question! I filled in all my "first-phase" counties -- the brown ones, ones I had been in before leaving for graduate school -- first. Then, I realized I was going to need to go state by state.

Epistemz Dialektix said...

You are impressively prolific.