Friday, December 18, 2009

Coffee Table Book Party: "BibliOdyssey"

I think most L&TM5K readers must be at least vaguely aware of BibliOdyssey, a blog of images kept by the compactly named "PK," or "peacay." Well, just in time for Christmas, um, 2007, the BibliOdyssey book arrived on various bookshelves!

Its appeal is obvious: you get the often lovely, often bizarre, always interesting images of BibliOdyssy -- in a coffee table book! You can look at them lying down! Or while at the margins of social activity!

Its problem is also pretty obvious -- online, BibliOdyssy cranks out an almost infinite number of images. Dozens a week, for a blog that has a lot of history behind it now -- it all adds up. In book form, PK had to select just a limited few images for reproduction.

On the other hand, that gives you more time to spend with each image...

The L&TM5K Advent Calendar
December 18

Macha Chmakoff, Nativité à la mandorle jaune.


DrSchnell said...

Hey dude, where's the eighth night?

Michael5000 said...

We're back on the weekend rotation. Sunset PDT!