Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wednesday Quiz I:3 -- Beethoven's Birthday Edition

The Wednesday Quiz -- Season I -- Quiz 3

Beethoven's Birthday Edition!!

The Wednesday Quiz is a test of knowledge and intuition. Looking up answers or asking your buddy is punishable by law. Questions about the rules are answered here.

This week the Quiz is celebrating Beethoven's Birthday!

Who's the composer?!?

Name the composer of each of the following lists of classical pieces.

1. The Brandenburg Concertos, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, The Goldburg Variations, The St. Matthew’s Passion.

2. Seven symphonies, Finlandia, The Swan of Tuonela, Kullervo, En Saga.

3. Die Knaben Wunderhorn, Songs of the Wayfarer, Kindertottenleider, and the Symphony #8 (the “Symphony of a Thousand”).

4. Symphony #3 (“Eroica”), Fidelio, Missa Solemnus, and the Piano Sonata #23 (“Apassionata”).

5. Symphony #6 (“Pathetique”), Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Eugene Onegin.

6. The Symphony of Psalms, The Firebird, The Rite of Spring, Oedipus Rex.

7. Rodeo, El Salon Mexico, Hear Ye Hear Ye, Billy the Kid.

8. Symphony #6 (“Pastoral”), Piano Sonata #14 (“Moonlight”), The Creatures of Prometheus.

9. Fifteen symphonies (including the Seventh or “Leningrad”) and Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, as well as pieces like “March of the Soviet Police,” “From Karl Marx to Our Own Days,” and “The Sun Shines on Our Motherland.”

10. Die Rosenkavalier, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Till Eulenspiegal’s Merry Pranks, Don Juan

Submit your answers in the comments!

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Cartophiliac said...

1. Beethoven
2. Beethoven
3. PDQ Bach
4. Beethoven
5. Beethoven
6. Strauss
7. Copeland
8. Beethoven
9. Ivan Desinovich
10. Nietzsch

Elaine said...

1. JS Bach
2. J Sibelius
3. Schubert
4. Beethoven
5. Tchaikovsky
6. Stravinsky
7. A Copeland
8. Beethoven
9. Prokofiev
10. R. Wagner

Cute little Puzzle, Tricky5000!
I am torn about #3--Schumann? Schubert? But "Lieder" made me go with Bert.

Elaine said...

You must leave off the maps and listen to more music! And Ivan Denisovich wrote a diary, not music! But it was a cute answer anyway.

Christine M. said...

It's Jane Austen's birthday, too, you know. Where's HER quiz, hmmm?

1. Bach
2. that Finnish guy, Sibby-something
3. Mahler
4. Uncle Tupelo
5. Tchaikovsky
6. Stravinsky
7. Copeland
8. Beethoven
9. Gogol Bordello
10. Kraftwerk

DrSchnell said...

1. Bach (J.S., not CPE or PDQ)
2. Sibelius
3. Mahler
4. Beethoven
5. Tchaikovsky
6. Stravinsky
7. Copland
8. Beethoven
9. Schostakovich
10. Strauss (R., not J.)

The Calico Cat said...

Ummmm, yeah. I guess Beethoven for all of them. What there are other composers? Surely you jest.

Nichim said...

1. Johann Sebastian Bach
6. Stravinsky
8. Beethoven

The rest I don't know.

Elizabeth said...

Shoot, I should have done this when I got off the plane and beaten the crowd.

1 - Bach, J.S. that is
2 - Sibelius, the drinker
3 - Mahler
4 - Beethoven, the birthday boy
5 - Stravinsky
6 - Tchaikovsky
7 - Copeland. Never heard of "Hear Ye".
8 - Wait a minute - this is Beethoven again.
9 - Hm. Pick a Russian composer ... nope, mind's blank.
10 - Strauss

I plead jet lag.

sister jen said...

7 Aaron Copeland

Jimmy Krachorn said...

1 / J.S. Bach
2 / Sibelius
3 / Mahler
4 / Beethoven
5 / Tchaikovsky
6 / Stravinsky
7 / Yagotmeski
8 / Beethoven
9 / Rimsky-Korsakov
10 / R. Strauss

Ben said...

1. Johann Sebastian Bach
2. Jean Sibelius
3. Gustav Mahler
4. Ludwig von Beethoven
5. Tchaikovsky (Pietor Illych, I think)
6. Igor Stravinsky
7. Aaron Copland
8. Beethoven again?
9. I really have no idea on this one. I'll guess Shostakovich.
10. Strauss

mrs.5000 said...

Oh, man! Where are my answers? It must not have liked that I left the computer for so long trying to trick some Soviet composer back into my brain and then finally giving up and sending it in. Well, these are my answers:
1 J.S.Bach
2 Sibelius
3 I guessed Vivaldi ha ha ha because of the German titles, but my real guess is Schumann.
4 Beethoven! Happy Birthday!
5 Tchaikovsky
6 Stravinsky
7 Copland
8 Beethoven again, happy tricksy birthday.
9 This is the one that is killing me, because, like, weren't you just talking about him in the blog? But I can't dredge it out of my skull. So I have to say Shostokovich, which I don't think is right at all.
10 Richard Strauss

Michael5000 said...

I'll refer you to Ben for the correct answers. Hope you had a highly expressive and individual Beethoven's Birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Aaargh! How did I miss Shostakovich?