Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Equal Opportunity (North America) Summer Roadtrip Quiz


Elaine said...

1. New Brunswick
2. Hmm Nova Scotia?
3. British Colombia
4. Um, Ontario?
5. Manitoba
6. Alberta
7. breadbasket... Saskatchewan?
8. Prince Edward Island?
9. Quebec

Loved the gimmes!

Aviatrix said...

Ooh! Hee hee. You would have been within your rights to blank out the names and abbreviations, though.

1. Nouveau-Brunswick
2. Île-du-Prince-Édouard
3. Colombie-Britanique
4. Ontario
5A. Manitoba
6. Alberta
7. Saskatchewan
101. Nouvelle Écosse
207. Québec

The Crow's Nest one is just the sign for one particular highway that runs from Alberta to BC. (Looked up after I answered).

mrs.5000 said...

You know, many of these are quite doable...
1 New Brunswick
2 this one, not so much. Um, Nova Scotia.
3 British Columbia
4 Ontario!
5 Manitoba!
6 Alberta!
7 methinks Saskatchewan, where it's all about the sheaves of grain
8 Um, um, Prince Edward Island
9 Methinks Quebec, where it's all about the fleur de lis

Ben said...

I'm assuming you want us to guess (in my case) in which province these signs would be found. Am I right in guessing they're all Canadian?

1. New Brunswick
2. Yukon Territory
3. British Columbia
4. Ontario
5A. Manitoba
6. Alberta
7. Saskatchewan
101. Nova Scotia
207. Quebec