Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Element of the Year: The Readers Speak!

As the great cycle of the Western calendar grinds to a close, it's time once again -- well, actually for the first time -- to select the Element of the Year!

It won't be an easy choice.  Over the last year we've explored twelve (12) extremely excellent elements, and since the two (2) from 2009 didn't really have a chance to be Element of the Year, it's only fair that they allowed to compete this year.  That makes a whopping fourteen (14) to choose from!
November 2009*: Ru -- Ruthenium
December 2009*: Be -- Beryllium
January: Ta -- Tantalum
February: Xe -- Xenon
March: Co -- Cobalt
April: Y -- Yttrium
May: W -- Tungsten
June: O -- Oxygen
July: Ag -- Silver
August: In -- Indium
September: Cl -- Chlorine (writeup by guest chemist Cait)
October: Pr -- Praseodymium
November: Ne -- Neon (writeup by guest chemist Cait)
December: Sb -- Antimony
Or to see 'em all at once, click here.

How will we decide?  Well: YOU, that's right YOU, gentle reader, may pick your first, second, and third favorites, and list them in the comments (either here, or on the Facebook rebroadcast, or what the hell, both). I'll count up the votes according to some wacko formula, and we'll have a winner!



Morgan said...

First: Xenon
Second: Oxygen
Third: Yttrium

Elizabeth said...

I am titillated by element #73, find much that is laudable about element #59, and like the taste of element #74, so those will be my choices.

gl. said...

antimony! because it is the name of my favorite comic character and the name of my current laptop.

Elaine said...

1. Beryllium because the name is so fun to say
2. Yttrium because it's also a bit fun to say and also mysterious-sounding, plus cool picture!
3. Tantalum because the picture was interesting...and it occurs to me that one could use it instead of Pa rum pum pum pum to make the Little Drummer Boy less insipid.

Aviatrix said...

3. Xenon - starts with X. I like Xs. Sounds cool. Glows when you run a current through it.

2. Yttrium - I like Ys, too, and I think it's cool that one guy managed to name multiple elements after the same place,

and the winner is ...
1. Oxygen - it's truly indispensable, and has BOTH of my favourite letters.

mrs.5000 said...

You know, much as I've loved all the obscure silver shinies, I'm going to take a deep breath and vote for that old favorite, oxygen.

Rebel said...

I'm with Mrs5000. I have always been a big fan of Oxygen. You know, all that breathing I do and all.

Libby said...

1. xenon 2. xenon 3. xenon

Love the Christmas header btw.

Thom said...

I've thought long and hard.

1) Indium
2) Yttrium
3) Antimony

Kritkrat said...

1. Oxygen
2. Xenon
3. Cobalt

Elaine said...

Xenon!?? How can people be voting for this dumb name? Non, non, non!

Oh, and cool postcards.
Happy New Year. Love is all around.

DrSchnell said...

3. Praseodymium - for managing to hang in there as an element despite a dumb name.
2. Neon - for becoming so much more than a mere element, in fact, becoming a synonym for all that is glitzy and gaudy.
1. Tungsten. Because I like saying the word.