Monday, December 20, 2010

Song of the American Road -- Let's Head Out to the Lake!

Clear blue water, softly rolling mountains and the stage is set for a wonderful vacation in this Dextone Beauty Scene

Tues A.M. -- Dear Sis - Well we're still fishing & having a swell time.  Don't know just when will be home.  We're going to call Paul to-morrow nite.  You tell Max & Dorie you got this.  Freddy is sending them one.  Love, Sis

Lake Claremore, Claremore, Okla.

Dear Folks; We have a cabin in Amarillo tonight.  Weather is cool & we are really enjoying the trip with Jim.  More later - Dollie

Storm on Lake Erie, Ripley, N. Y.

I will be back to work Monday, no more play for another year.  I am having a dandy time.  Melvin.

(c) Schlesinger Bros. 1914.

Dear Wife you can address me at Stearnsville I don't know whether I will go back there or not but if I do not I shall go to B.C.  Strike still unsettled but otherwise O.K.  Archie

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