Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Biscuits of Mongolia: #3

The biscuits of Mongolia project is an endeavor of L&TM5K Ambassador to the Post-Soviet Fringe Meaghan. It is republished here by permission.

The biscuits of Mongolia project, #3.

Country of origin: Mongolia.

Packaging languages: Mongolia, English.

Biscuit type: butter biscuit.

Mouthfeel: sand and bitter herbs, honey and locusts.

Price: 300 tugrug.

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Rebel said...

These biscuits are significantly more disturbing than the previous ones. The package would indicate that the biscuits make innocent fawns turn evil. Should you find wandering aimlessly in the woods, I would recommend against leaving a trail of these crumbs as a trail behind you. A Grimms worthy tale could ensue.