Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Infinite Art Tournament, First Elimination Round #3/128

Faceoff #1: Auerbach v. Avercamp

Frank Auerbach
Born 1931
German; works in the UK
Lost to John James Audubon in Round 1.


Hendrick Avercamp
1585 - 1634
Lost to Francis Bacon in Round 1.


Faceoff #2: Baldung v. Fra Bartolommeo

Hans Baldung
c. 1484 - 1545
Lost to Giacomo Balla in Round 1.


Fra Bartolommeo
c.1474 - c.1517
Italian (Florentine)
Lost to Balthus in Round 1.


Vote for the two artists of your choice! Votes generally go in the comments, but have been known to arrive by email, by postcard, or in a sealed envelope.

Please note that you may vote only once in each face-off.  Opining that both of the artists in one of the two face-offs is superior to the other is fine, but casting your votes for two artists in the same face-off is not permissible.


pfly said...

1. Avercamp
2. Baldung

Nichim said...

I vote Avercamp and Baldung too.

lamanyana said...

Make that 3 for Avercamp & Baldung.

Morgan said...

Avercamp! Baldung!

mrs.5000 said...

It's definitely Avercamp and Baldung for me, too!

Chuckdaddy said...

I'll be following the crowd as well!

Elizabeth said...

Bucking the trend with AUERBACH and Baldung. Guess I'm feeling kind of smeary this morning, instead of infinitely precise.

Jenners said...

Avercamp and Bauldung (though I love neither and Baldung's one painting could give me nightmares).

Michael5000 said...

Email votes here for Avercamp and Baldung.

Michael5000 said...

And I guess I toss in my own votes for Avercamp (woo woo!) and Fra Bartolommeo.

Voron X said...

Avercamp and Baldung for me too.

Elliott said...

Avercamp ("Because it's Christmas") and Bartolommeo ("Because there's a baby").

Michael5000 said...

OK, that's freakin' adorable.

Candida said...

Avercamp, who clearly should have won his first-round matchup.

Baldung, despite the two guys arguing about which way to go in Bartolemmeo's second picture.

Alison said...

Auerbach and Baldung!

Michael5000 said...

The Auerbach/Avercamp pairing is now closed for voting. You may still weigh in on Baldung/Fra Bart if so moved.

Michael5000 said...

And Baldung/Fra Bartolommeo is now closed as well, with Baldung triumphant.