Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round 1: Broodthaers v. Brown

Today's scheduled matchup was the second round contest between the winners of Boltanski v. Bomberg and Bonington v. Bonnard. Boltanski laid a real beating on Bomberg, but a last-minute flip-flop by awesome commentor Chuckdaddy put Bonnington and Bonnard into a tie -- YOUR VOTE COUNTS!  Or his does, anyway.  That puts this bracket on hold, with Boltanski waiting nervously in the locker room to take on the winner of Bordone v. Bosch in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, we'll once again use the Tuesday spot for a rare off-weekend first-round pairing, which is good because it will help avoid the second round getting ahead of itself and bumping into the first round by accident.  

Marcel Broodthaers
1924 - 1976


Ford Madox Brown
1821 - 1893


Vote for the artist of your choice!  Votes go in the comments.  Commentary and links to additional work are welcome.  Polls open for at least one month past posting.


Christine M. said...

Never heard of Marcel Broodthaers, but I think I'm in love.

Elizabeth said...

Broodthaers for the quirk! Though the other guy's stuff is pretty.

Nichim said...

Broothaers, too

Morgan said...

Broodthaers is weird, and Brown has good detail! It's a tough choice, but I'm going to go with Brown on this one.

margaret said...

Yeah, this is hard. First reaction was to vote for Brood, but then I had difficulty with some of the kerning in the second piece. Or maybe just lack of punctuation.

So I'm just gonna tilt the boat a little and vote for Brown. I like these Disney colors on my eyeballs.

pfly said...

I wasn't sure until I saw that Broodthaers made "Les Animaux de la Ferme". That wins me over.


lamanyana said...

Broodthaers, but he's definitely one of those artists that make me feel like I'm not getting it.

mrs.5000 said...

Well, I could almost go with Broodthaers for this artist's statement alone: "Finally the idea of inventing something insincere finally crossed my mind and I set to work straightaway." But I dunno, seems maybe a little too spot-on? Whereas what I've seen of Ford Madox Brown has slightly bugged me but also mesmerized me. There is always something more to notice. FMB has my vote here.

chuckdaddy said...

I feel so special! And a little disappointed (I do love me a second-round matchup).

But this week's is a tough one for me, and I promise not to backtrack at last second. I was instantly attracted to Broodthaers whimsy, but worried he might both have no actual artistic talent and not be saying anything. I did some research and came across the quote Mrs. 5000 just mentioned and realized my suspicions were right. Foxy Madoxy Brown it had to be then.

But then I looked back at Brown's actual pictures and, uggh. I'm really not a fan. They remind me of black-and-white movies that color has been added to. So I guess I will backtrack, but only in the same comment. Here's to silly insincere whimsy!

Rebel said...

Brown because - SHEEP, and also because the other guy doesn't know his alphabet.

Michael5000 said...

I'm going with Ford Madox Brown because, in the negative, I always narrow my eyes when I suspect someone of thinking that Marcel Duchamp needed a backup band, and in the positive, FMB's use of color, depth of narrative, and SHEEP.

Chuck to the D, am I correctly hearing a Broodthaer vote in all that?

Chuckdaddy said...

Yes, Broodthaers

Candida said...

OMG Ford Maddox Brown! Check out the beautiful dress the rich woman in picture #2 is and how the woman in the background is crawling around on hands and knees. "Weed the countryside!"

"Wot, all of it, mum?"

"I can easily find a different maid, you know. Did you not see the teaming masses of London in the picture directly above this one?"

"All right, mum. Weeding the countryside, mum. And remember, please to be patient when the baby needs its nappy changed; it'll take me a few minutes just to find it since its skirt is that long."

Voron X said...

I know I usually go with the weird stuff, but Ford Maddox Brown if for no other reason than the cute mom (or older sister?) pulling the hair of the unruly child. Also, I think I spent a lot of time looking at that picture in my youth - it must have been on a textbook or something, and so there's a nostalgia factor. It's just so lively and detailed.

Alison said...

I love 'em both! I'll go with Brown.

Michael5000 said...

...and voting closes on this match with Brown sneaking in a win from behind.