Monday, April 30, 2012

Month to Month Resolutions, May 2012

Categories and Goals for May 2012

In April, my Month-to-Month Resolutions went off the track almost immediately.  I had a frustrating first day of the month, then a flurry of short trips and work stuff, and several of my good habits rather hit the skids I'm afraid.  On the other hand, I am also going through some binges of productive activity, and I find that it's best to stay out of one's own way during a productive spree.

Meanwhile, I've got a road trip coming up during which it's going to be hard to keep a routine.  So, a lot of the May Goals will be last-half-of-month-only.  (There should be a word that means "last-half-of-month-only.")

Weighing-in: I remain over 200 pounds; in fact, I seem to have added a few.  It's a darn good thing nobody ever came up with a good use for that financial penalty.
  • May Goal: I will recommence weighing myself every morning in the established manner, with the idea of recommencing the 10 cents per tenth of a pound over 200 pounds penalty come June.
Push-ups: This is where I'm most surprised that I've fallen off.  Try try again.
  • May Goal: I wish to perform 50 push-ups a day. 
Pull-ups: The pull-up thingy that I bought proved to have pieces missing.  I returned it, and now have a new pull-up thingy in a box, in the guestroom.
  • May Goal: To try to work towards a state of being where I am capable of doing pull-ups. 
Cola: I will not worry about cola intake this month.

Veggies: I quite fell off of this horse, too.  It is surprisingly difficult to eat veggies on the road, even when you are only on the road for a day or two.
  • May Goal: Steady – Four units per week after return.
Paper Mail Sent: This has plunged to zero, due to the productive binges noted above.
  • May Goal: To atone for my April ways, I must send ~100~ pieces of mail in May!!!
Writing Projects:
  • May Goal: To be worked out after return.
Garden: My gardening efforts have really picked up!  I think I will return to motivating myself through my elaborate fitness spreadsheet system rather than these MMRs.
Quilting: I've been quilting like a madman!
  • May Goal: None in particular.
By the way, after quite a bit of puzzling about what I would do to replace the old “run every street” map that I finished last month...

Meanwhile, on the running front, I’ve started filling in the new map....


Yankee in England said...

Does your scale measure in 1/10 of a pound units? What happens with the money? We like getting mail here in the United Kingdom should you need any help with your 100 pieces of mail.

Michael5000 said...

Yes, it's a dime per 1/10th pound. The question of what happens to the money is still in play. However, I've made a significant advance in the technique by securing a jar to actually put the money in on a daily basis. This will really bring some behaviorist principles into play. In theory.

Jenners said...

I've made no progress on my weight loss goals either. I look forwad to indulging in a treat with you on the 7th … and I hope to see you do your push-ups in person!HAHA!

The Calico Cat said...

I'll be in Seattle in June (Alaska too - finally going on that cruise that I asked you for advice on a year or two ago) So you can send me some paper from there to get me excited...
(Or just bored to tears about what I am about to see. Or something so old that it isn't there anymore - so we can find its replacement, or...)