Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Jazz Thing Round 1: Davis v. Marsalis

The Jazz Thing, Round 1 (40 Word/Album Limit)

#50 Wynton Marsalis, "Black Codes (from the Underground)" (1985) v. #65 Miles Davis, "In a Silent Way" (1969).

One of the most “recent” major jazz records.  I tried to like it in high school, but was put off it (and jazz) by what seemed like indulgent virtuosity and denial of melody or hooks.  I like it more now.


I have really been loving Miles Davis’ trippy grooves.  It may seem like faint praise, but he has everything good about (I’ll say it) the Grateful Dead, magnified, and none of the weaknesses.  Lush, compelling, soundscapes: cool.

In a Silent Way defeats Black Codes (from the Underground)

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