Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wednesday Post

Three Postcards From a Hypothetical Road Trip
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Holiday Inn
22900 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, Michigan 48124
Phone: 278-4800 -- AC: 313

Situated on the bank of the Rouge River in close proximity to Ford Motor Company, Greenfield Village and Museum.  Facilities consist of 333 rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children's playground, sauna, whirlpool, grille room, dining room, cocktail lounge and meeting rooms for 400 persons.

This hotel no longer exists, having been replaced by the Dearborn Plaza Shopping Center, a long low-rise mini-mall anchored by a Krogers.  The running track in the upper left, however, is still present.


Late afternoon sunlight falls over a golden hued landscape at East Andover, New Hampshire.

South of the Border
Highway 301 and 501, Dillon, S.C.

pedro's Famous Restaurant .  .  .  .  more than 3 million delighted guests since 1951 . . .  open 24 hours EVERY Day.

Mrs.5000 tells me that pedro's Famous Restaurant is indeed famous through aggressive roadside advertising, "the Wall Drug of the East Coast."


None of this week's postcards are available for sending.  If you would like to have a boring postcard delivered to your own home, you may demand your card in the comments or at InfiniteArtTournament ~at~ gmail.


Christine M. said...

Hmm. I've always seen it referred to as River Rouge. Oh well.

Michael5000 said...

I think that "pedro" is usually capitalized as well.

mrs.5000 said...

1. My parents took us to Dearborn Village and the Henry Ford Museum when we were kids--so, who knows, maybe we stayed at that Holiday Inn, since it was our usual chain. I feel so privileged, to imagine that field of asphalt there just for us.

2. Nothing says "South of the Border" like corned beef.

3. I look forward to brochure printing's latest volume of prose poems!

Michael5000 said...

Ooops, I spoiled Mrs.5000's comment by erasing a spam email from a robot named "brochure printing":

I think this river is very nice and I love it. The map of the river is very graceful and the trees around about the river very beautiful seen to provide us and amazing for us.

Michael5000 said...

It's like a vacation postcard from Hemingway, computer-translated into Korean and back.