Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Autumn Sabbatical

For the next few weeks, I'll be travelling.  And not the way I usually do it, where I drive around on backroads until I find some coffee shop in some little town with wi-fi, where I hang out and write up a glib little article about Magnesium or something.  When I do that, you never even know I'm gone.

No, this is serious travelling. I will be putting myself in an environment so alien, so foreign, so cut off from the outside world, that there will not even be internet access as we know it.

(I should mention perhaps that Castle5000 will be occupied in my absence, and we don't really have that much of value anyway, and that I may or may not leave lethal man-traps.)

So, see you sometime in October.  Until then, it's Art Tournament business only!


Yankee in England said...

Are you off to the Amazon? Luckily they may or may not be MAN traps so I will be fine to steal all your quilts.

Michael5000 said...

Just so, I have forgotten to install woman-traps, so people of the female persuasion may help themselves to the family silver. Just make sure not to fall foul of our live-in housesitter, Ólafur "the Knife" Guðjohnsen, and his merry band of Icelandic-American biker thugs.

gl. said...

oooo, where are you going for your autumnal adventure?

i'll bet ólafur and his crew would appreciate a little homemade treat and visit from a friendly american neighbor, giving Yankee enough time to steal your quilts. or at least join in a rousing epic song and feast.

Jenners said...

Well where the heck are you?

Rebel said...

Dude - they have wi-fi EVERYWHERE!!

Michael5000 said...

Not. Quite. Everywhere.