Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wednesday Post

Recent Acquisitions to the Michael and Mrs.5000 Boring Postcard Collection
From a bulk online auction purchase, April 2012.


The Interchange of Highways I-26 and I-40 near Asheville, North Carolina.  This three level Interchange is one of the largest in the Southeast.  It forms the axis of a network of Interstate Highways leading out of Asheville in virtually every direction.


A view of the downtown section of York, Pa., showing some of the beautiful plantings.

THE PORTLAND TOLL GATE, on the Maine Turnpike, Portland, Maine.  This is a 45 mile super-highway from Kittery to Portland.

Fall beach scene


Libby said...

Boring-est postcards ever!

Michael5000 said...

Aw, thanks Libby! KA-48 is a real gem, I think.

gl. said...

so reliably, any postcards that feature highways are BORING. that's a good place to start when i keep my eyes out for boring postcards for you. :)

Michael5000 said...

I could remind you of my definitional post of long ago, but I will also remind you again that I do not sneer at unboring postcards.