Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DorkFest 2012: Questions and Answers

As the almost (but alas, not quite) palpable excitement of DorkFest spreads throughout the IAT community, we should pause to examine the state of play thus far.

Firstly, I can now announce that 2010-11 Dork and 2011-2012 Acting Dork Morgan has announced his intention to step down and assist in the DorkFest judging, which is in accordance with the great and noble tradition of the festival.

Mind you, 2010-11 Vice-Dork and 2011-2012 Acting Vice-Dork has telegraphed no such intentions, and indeed seems to be throwing down pretty hard in the early going.

Then, I shall endeavor to answer some very dorky questions that have been posted on the original Dorkfest post and its Facebook syndication:

Mrs.5000 asks: Just so we get this clear, does the week end Sunday at midnight, Pacific Time?

Answer: See below.

UnWise Owl asks, in so many words: Can we use the French Republican Calendar, with its ten-day weeks?

Answer: Yes, that sounds both reasonable and very dorky. That would make the deadline for all DorkFest submissions 12:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on 10 Brumaire CCXXI, which is to say Thursday, November 1.

Mm Mud asks: Is it dorky to get excited about DorkFest?

Answer: Yes, very dorky.

Those are all the questions to this point, actually. If you have more, let 'em fly!

St. Luke, Supplemental: Last week, we celebrated St. Luke's Day.  Then this weekend, I happened to be knocking about the Seattle Art Museum and ran into three medieval depictions of the physician-apostle.  Borrowing an electronic device from the blog Shakespearean, who happened to be on the scene, I obtained these images:

None of the three involved painting the Virgin Mary.  All three, though, identified Luke with his symbolic animal.  In this first one, a winged cow hangs out approvingly on his writing desk.

...while in this carving, the cow nestles up companionably underneath the desk.

The third one is the weirdest:

St. Luke, the Minotaur!

Nothing to do with DorkFest, really.  Just wanted to share.

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