Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Play-In Artist SubTournament: Phase 1, Flight 4

Phase One Rules:
  1. You may cast votes for up to four artists.  
    • One vote per artist per person.
  2. Since play-in artists were nominated by your peers in the IAT community, including myself, courteous and affirmative voting is in order
    • Which is to say, no baggin' on the aesthetic sensibilities of the nominators.
  3. Full rules, procedures, and anticipated timeline for the Play-In SubTournament are available on the Play-In SubTournament page, if I've gotten around to updating it with the recent revelations.  (I haven't, yet.)

Phase 1, Flight 2 closes Sunday, October 28.
Phase 1, Flight 3 will be open for voting for about one more month.
Flight 4 will be open for approximately two months.

Sharon Johnstone
date of birth unknown -- contemporary

Elsa Mora
b. 1971
Cuban; works in U.S.

Ansel Adams
1902 - 1984

M.C. Escher

German; worked in France

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
1976 -

Robert Smithson
1938 - 1973

Damian Michaels
date of birth unknown -- contemporary

Vote for up to fours artists! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. This poll will be open for approximately two months past posting.


Chuckdaddy said...

Mora, Adams, Escher, and Michaels

Morgan said...

Escher, Wols, Smithson, and Michaels.

Christine M. said...

Mora, Adams, Johnstone, Wols

lamanyana said...

Johnstone, Adams, Escher, Wols

Michael5000 said...

I look at this as a statistically unusual and even unlikely set: I like them all. I wonder if there will be a set where I don't like a single one?

Escher was one of my own nominations, and basically a gimme in my opinion. I honestly can not understand why he was not on the original list (nor even on a recently-released revised version of the original list).

Smithson, for sure.

I like Wols.

And I will throw in with Law, as that is some of the most lovely and lumnescent commercial illustration my eyes have encountered to date.

Props to the other four.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

This one wasn't even close. Plant woman with a heart for a vagina totally ran away with it.

pfly said...

Escher, Michaels, and Adams made my list pretty quickly, but that 4th spot was harder to decide. I'll go with Smithson.

PB said...

In a strategic move (and because I can't decide on my fourth pick), I will vote for oly 3: Escher, Adams, and Law.

Nichim said...

I like them all, a lot. But it comes down to this: Johnstone, Mora, Adams, Law. I agree with M5000 that it's surprising Escher wasn't on the original list. I, however, have always had a small sadness that I don't actually find his work that aesthetically pleasing. I am allowing that to manifest by not voting for him here.

Candida said...

Mora, Escher, Law, and Smithson.

By the way, does Law remind you of Shu-ju Wang's work, at least in her second piece there? That's the one where I thought, Oh yes, I really like her work!--and then realized I wasn't thinking of Law at all, originally.

Michael5000 said...

Candida: Absolutely.

mrs.5000 said...

I'll go with Smithson, Escher, Adams, and Michaels.

Elizabeth said...


Mm Mud said...

Johnston (photography is in current list of hobbies), Adams(more photography), Wols(Abstract art), Michaels(color/imagery).
If allowed a fifth it would be Escher as I've long enjoyed them but seen much of him.

Michael5000 said...

A vote-by-email from New York City: Two gals & two guys: Sharon Johnstone, Elsa Mora, Ansel Adams & Robert Smithson.

Voron X said...

Escher, Adams, and Law

Alison said...

Johnstone (I think ordering had something to do with this), Escher, Wols, Smithson

Michael5000 said...

Voting is closed in this play-in match. Escher and Adams tied for first and will represent in Phase 2. Johnstone and Smithson tied for third, and therefore have the right to advance to Phase 2 in one way or another. I don't know exactly how that will work, but naturally I have some ideas up my sleave.