Friday, November 30, 2012

Pop Stardom with Niece #1

Niece #1: want to see a pop music video that Dan and I made?

Michael5000: I would like nothing more.

Michael5000: So give me some backstory.

Niece #1: Dan is in a band with the girl who's singing
we decided to make a video
I edited the video
the next step is pop stardom

Michael5000: Since when do you edit videos?

Niece #1: I learned how in high school, I haven't done it a lot though

Michael5000: You do well.

Niece #1: why thank you!

Michael5000: It's not as quick-cut as most music videos, but that's well suited to the mood of the song.

Niece #1: we also had a budget of $0, and shot it all on an iPhone

Michael5000: It's pretty freakin' cromulent. Should I share it on Facebook to get the viral going?

Niece #1:  would you please? or blog it?

The song is "Corner of Your Heart" by Lina Lamont.  Niece #1 is video editor and also appears in the role of Second Sultry Dancing Woman.

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mrs.5000 said...

Niece #1 on the pop charts!