Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Play-In Artist SubTournament: Phase 1, Flight 5

Phase One Rules:
  1. You may cast votes for up to four artists.  
    • One vote per artist per person.
  2. Since play-in artists were nominated by your peers in the IAT community, including myself, courteous and affirmative voting is in order
    • Which is to say, no baggin' on the aesthetic sensibilities of the nominators.
  3. Full rules, procedures, and anticipated timeline for the Play-In SubTournament are available on the Play-In SubTournament page.

Phase 1, Flight 3 will be open until noon PST, Saturday, November 24th. (4 Frimaire 221)
Phase 1, Flight 4 will be open for voting for about one more month.
Flight 5 will be open for approximately two months.

Markus Linnenbrink
born 1961
German; works in U.S.

Dorothea Lange

Keith Haring

Nicholas Roerich

Theo Jansen
born 1948

Joseph Wright
1734 - 1797

Helen Levitt

Norman Rockwell

Vote for up to fours artists! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. This poll will be open for approximately two months past posting.


Morgan said...

Linnenbrink, Roerich, Wright, Rockwell

Morgan said...

On second thought, swap out Wright for Jansen

Nichim said...

Levitt, Jansen (watch the videos - this is sculpture I can get with), Roerich (new love), Linnenbrink.

Elizabeth said...


lamanyana said...


pfly said...

Jansen, Roerich, Rockwell, Wright.

mrs.5000 said...


Eric said...

Lange, Rockwell and Roerich

Michael5000 said...

This is a bit of a painful one for me, because I like five of 'em very much. I think I'll vote Morgan's original ticket -- Linnenbrink, Roerich, Wright, Rockwell -- and stand firm.

DrSchnell said...

Gotta get a vote in for Kutztown homeboy Keith Haring (whose folks live just down the road a ways).
Jansen (though you've got to see videos of these in action to get The full effect).

Chuckdaddy said...

Now I find this phase to be the most difficult of the play-in rounds; I like them all. But whom do I like the best...

Well, I like Lange so much I am in utter disbelief that she's not making everyone's ballot. Her first might be one of my favorite photographs ever, and the second tells such an interesting open-ended story. Linnenbrink's opener also blew me away.

But then who? I'm going to cast a vote for Haring even though I totally get why he's now only up to 2 votes. I just feel he pulled off something special. Or maybe they're just glorified dancing stick figures. Whatever, I just love that these happy figures are what came, for many, to be the art that stood for (against?) the 80's US Aids epidemic. They're so optimistic. And Roerich is very cool (and gets extra points for factoring into the 1940 and 1948 presidential elections).

And maybe the order I saw them in biased me.

Alison said...

Wright, Lange, Levitt, Linnenbrink

Alliterations, yay

Candida said...

I'm with Chuckdaddy--it's not just Lange, it's OMGLange (rhymes with "orange").

And Rockwell. You can make fun of me for vapid tastes if you want (although I'd rather you didn't), but I love his ability to present humanity's lovable foibles.


And, between Wright and Roerich, that's pretty tough. I love Roerich's colors and sense of magic (and the guy does love his snowy mountains), but I'm going to go with Wright after scoping out further images. They really ought to have given that littlest girl a kerchief or scarf or something, though.

Michael5000 said...

We've got us here a vote-by-postcard for the following:

Lange, Roerich, Jansen, and Wright. "It's so hard to leave out quintessential New Yorker Helen Levitt, but I love Wirght of Derby."

Michael5000 said...

And, it's all over. Nicholas Roerich -- who was an alternate on the play-in list, replacing somebody for whom I couldn't find a good set of images -- came out on top of the crowd. Theo Jansen claimed second, and once again the tournament structure is gummed up by a tie for third: Norman Rockwell and Dorothea Lange are both still in contention, in some form.