Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Wednesday Post

Old Meets New in the Modern European Scene
A postcard from France

A postcard arrived recently from perhaps our most active reader in the French Republic.

Well, I say postcard, but it wasn't really intended to be a postcard.  It is very unclear what it was meant to be, although it would make a fine writing prompt for a freshman creative writing class.  By it was printed on reasonably heavy cardstock, and the resourceful sender made it into a very commendable postcard, even inscribing a little line to separate the text from the address.  And to complete the postcard look, not to mention to convince the post offices to do their thing, she put a French stamp -- a very charmingly French stamp -- on it.

Do they play p├ętanque outside of France?


Elizabeth said...

She will now do a little shilling for her own blog o' France which your gentle readers are invited to peruse at

merci et au revoir

mrs.5000 said...

I hooted when I pulled this out of the mailbox. A rare publicity photo of that jaunty, chainsmoking time traveler, Prof. Marcel "Temps" Perdue!