Monday, November 26, 2012

Presentation of the Flag and Arms of the Infinite Art Tournament

We spent a lot of time looking at flags on this here blog, but we've been pretty sluggish about developing an actual practical heraldry of our own. So I'm delighted at this juncture to present:

The Flag of the Infinite Art Tournament!

It is, as you see, a vertical tricolor.  It uses colors that are underrepresented in the flag world: orange, grey, and purple.  I'll make a real-world version one of these months.


With the flag under our belt, it is possible to put together proper crests for the Dorkfest winners:

The Arms of the Infinite Art Tournament Vice-Dork of the Northern Division!

This arms, granted by right to Mm Mud, features the colors of the IAT on the "dexter," or "stage right," half.     On the "sinister," or "stage left" side, an emblematic depiction of northernness: Polaris, the North Star, as depicted in the flag of Alaska.

The Arms of the Infinite Art Tournament Vice-Dork of the Southern Division!

Granted by right to Chuckdaddy, this arms conjoins the colors of the flag of the IAT with those of the flag of world's southernmost Forgotten Land, the Republic of Northern Antarctica.

The Arms of the Infinite Art Tournament Dork!

Granted by right to Nichim, this arms combines that IAT colors with the personal family heraldry of the current IAT Dork.

...which takes care of everything except:

The Personal Arms of Michael5000!


Yankee in England said...

So after looking at the flag I have a feeling I know why those colours are under represented. Happy Flag initiation day I look forward to seeing a real life version. Small details but I think the flag uses purple as well, or maybe my monitors colour setting is off.

Michael5000 said...

Hmm, right. Orange, grey, and PURPLE.

gl. said...



Michael5000 said...

: )