Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's (related to) the Book Arts!

an occasional Thursday feature highlighting the work of Mrs.5000 and other book artists or toilers in affiliated vineyards.

Puzzle: Antique World Maps
Dad5000, c.2003

Most of the 5000s have some fairly serious arts and/or crafts going on.  Dad5000 seems like the least artsy-craftsy of the pack, in some ways, but it's something made by him that often attracts the most attention from people taking the Tour of Interesting Stuff here at Castle5000.   A Christmas present from several years ago, it's this wood-block puzzle of antique world maps.

He's done several of these in different kinds of themes: old sheet music covers, vintage holiday cards, and other kinds of paper ephemera.  (I've made a few imitations myself, too, and the crudeness of mine are a real testament to the skill and technique that dad brings to the ones he makes).  Each puzzle consists of a tray and a set of wooden cubes.  All six sides of all the cubes are used, so each puzzle is actually six different puzzles in one.

In this particular version, he used images of six antique maps with very similar looks.  This complicates solving the puzzle enormously, since it's not at all obvious which side of an individual cube needs to be used for the particular map you happen to be working on.

It's a challenging and entertaining toy, and a very handsome objet d'art.  My dad made it for me.  Lucky me, no?


Elizabeth said...

I like it! The sort of crafty thing I always thought "hey, I could make that, easy" but then realized "no, no actually I could not make that at all with any real success." Nice to have the whole family into the arts like that.

Jenners said...

I cannot think of a more wonderful gift for you -- one that will be a family heirloom I suspect. Your family is really amazing.

Michael5000 said...

Well, cash is always in good taste of course.

gl. said...

i loff it!