Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Jazz Thing, Round 1: Basie v. Barber

The Jazz Thing, Round 1 (40 Word/Album Limit)

#23 Count Basie – "The Atomic Mr. Basie" (1958)  v.  #76 Patricia Barber  "Mythologies" (2003)

Virtuosic ensemble playing, like the most amazing pep band in the universe.  Makes you want to put on a suit and twirl somebody in a vintage dress, or be twirled, and probably drink a cocktail and smoke a cigarette.


Intellectual jazz -- "too intellectual?" I wondered, then found out that it is a song cycle after Ovid.  No temptation to suits, smoking, or drinking.  It's clean.  Too clean?  Maybe, but also slightly trippy, and interesting. 

Rather to my surprise, Mythologies beats The Atomic Mr. Basie.  I also dig its cover.

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