Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Wednesday Post

If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you!
But of course civilization is moving in.
Cottages available accommodating 2 to 6 people.


Downtown Section of the State Capital City of Michigan.

July 23-67.

Hi folks, as usual my plans had to be changed & I will go home by the way of Columbus, Ohio, so wont get to see you this time.  I'm having a nice time visiting with our old neighbors and friends.  will be going back this wk.  but have to stop in Topeka on my way to Stockton.  I'm sorry I wont get to see you but can't be helped.  will write more later.  hope you are OK.  I'm fine.

Love Ann

Loading boxcars on the boats of the Pere Marquette line at Ludington, Michigan

Interstate Hy. 75 which runs from Canada to Southern Florida, is shown here west of the Police Post, Houghton Lake, Michigan.

It's 32 miles around this lake.  We fish on the ice often.  We've been here 22 years.  We all like to fish and I have had a lot of deer hunting too.  There are bear and bobcats within five miles of home.  But of course civilization is moving in and they move out.  There was no SDA church when we came and ones was organized after being here 2 years.  My mother was with us last summer she will be 83 this month, she is with Clifford in Peoria.

TOUR BOAT - Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Tour Boat BIDE-A-WEE in the Mac Arthur Lock.  The excitement of being raised or lowered 21 feet in one of the locks can only be accomplished by taking a cruise on one of the Soo Locks Tour Boats.  This is the best way to see the actual operation of the Locks.

Carl stayed home.

Sat. 7/22


I am vacationing in this area with Mom Hall & Dolores.  Right now I'm in one of these tour boats in the Canadian locks towering over our boat.  Left Fri. 1 p.m., took 6 hour trip by Ferry from Milwaukee to Ludington, Mich.  Will get home Mon nite about 12 Midnite.  Will write later.  Virginia, Mom Hall & Dolores.

Whitehall, Michigan

Located directly on White Lake, near Lake Michigan.  Cottages and Ranch House with guest rooms, private tile showers.  Cottages accomodate 2-6 people.  Fishing, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis and Shuffleboard.  American Plan.  Adjoining White Lake Golf Course.

Phone Whitehall 2-2880.  L.G. Groessl, Prop.

LAKESIDE INN RESORT, White Lake, Whitehall, Mich. 

Private sandy beach, beautiful shaded lawn, near Lake Michigan.  Excellent food served in dining room.  Cottages available accommodating 2 to 6 people, also new modern housekeeping apartments.  All with private showers.  Fishing, swimming, sailing, tennis and shuffleboard. Adjoining White Lake Golf Course and Yacht Club.  Louis and Ann Groessl.   Whitehall, Michigan.


DrSchnell said...

I've actually taken that tour on the Bide-a-wee, in fifth grade or so. I remember it being very cool. We also visited the surviving lifeboats of the Edmund Fitzgerald (of Gordon Lightfoot fame) on that same trip.

Michael5000 said...

Wait. On THE Bide-a-wee? The actual Bide-a-wee? Not some other, lesser Soo Locks tour boat?