Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Wednesday Post

Greetings from Dayton!!
The Avatar has missed you.

The wiki lists Daytons in 23 U.S. states, some of which in fact have multiple Daytons, and one each in Canada and Australia. We're talking about Dayton, Washington.

Since my running Avatar last wrote two months back, he has plowed up nearly two hundred miles of the Evergreen State. After dozens of miles on the north bank of the Columbia, he headed inland, crossed through two of the Tri-Cities, and headed eastward into the Palouse up the valley of the Touchet River.  This last part is a very scenic rural area -- I know, I've been there myself.

Last Sunday morning, while the blog Shakespearean and I were running the LaCamas Lake Half Marathon in Camas, Washington... and thus getting a fifth state in my 2013 pie chart... let's get a visual on that, actually...

...anyway, while we were doing that, the Avatar hoofed it into downtown Dayton!

Anyway, I think that regardless of our political, cultural, economic, or dominant-hand differences, we can all agree that the Avatar has really chewed up a lot of ground in this stage of his grand adventure, the leg from Portland, Oregon to Moscow, Idaho. 

He hasn't done much cultural consumption in a while -- the art museum scene in the Tri-Cities seemed, alas, a little thin, and I frankly just kind of assumed that a small town like Dayton doesn't have a stash of Vermeers squirreled away.  So this is why he will be heading north and east for a while, heading up towards a very specific arts mecca -- the town of Colfax, Washington.  And he'll get there as fast as my legs can carry him.

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