Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Wednesday Post

American Artists on U.S. Stamps
Five good 'uns from the 1960s.

1967: Thomas Eakins, "The Biglins Brothers Racing"
Five Cents.  Scott Catalog #1335.

1966: Mary Cassatt, "The Boating Party"
Five Cents.  Catalog #1322

1965: John Singleton Copley, "Elizabeth Clarke Copley"
Five Cents.  Catalog #1273.

1962: Winslow Homer, "Breezing Up."
Four Cents.  Catalog #1207.

1971: John Sloan, "The Wake of the Ferry."
Eight Cents.  Catalog #1433.


Elizabeth said...

I am going to assume that Elizabeth Copley was standing in line to get on a ferry or something.

Michael5000 said...

American artists kind of have a thing for boats. They're so... floaty!