Friday, April 4, 2014

Michael5000 can't be all bad, as he is nice to babies.

I haven't been doing much quilting.  I don't know if I even identify myself as a quilter anymore.  But I did finish an actual quilt recently.

It is made from scrap and recycled fabric, and has lots of jolly frogs and bugs and whatnot.  Its new owner is the new daughter of the one-time Dork of this blog, G.  Here she is, hanging out with a stripy friend:

What does she think of her new bedding?  Well, let's be frank, she's probably not doing much critical thinking yet, being still pretty new to the open air.  But who knows, perhaps she will find herself like-minded with Natasha, who is a bit older and 2500 miles away but who also has a Michael5000 quilt.  Natasha's mom recently wrote to say:

Just wanted to let you know that your quilt has been blanket # 1 in Tashi's crib for the last several months.  It is not too clingy, too hot or too cold (not to mention quite beautiful and interesting to look at).  Every night and nap, I say, "Do you want Michael's blanket?"  and Tash says, "Yes, Michael's blanket."  And I pull it over her.  Then if it's colder out I say, "Do you want Ruthie's blanket too?"  And She says, "No, Michael's."
Ain't that adorable?  It's almost enough to make me want to make more quilts.  For Natasha, anyway.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

So great that she will only use Mr. 5000's blanket! Maybe we should have her start judging the artwork on your blog?

margaret said...

Roy still sleeps with his, five years on. We love it.

Libby said...

Here's what I figure - if you still have a large amount of fabric sitting around your house you are still a quilter.

Michael5000 said...

By the Libby Test, I am still every inch a quilter.

Judy said...

"Like" the whole thing, including the comments.

Rebel said...

Dude... you have an actual finished quilted object... you are a quilter!

I love it BTW - love the colors...the way you used the greens and blacks. It's a fun quilt and I think the benefit of giving it to a baby is that as she develops her critical thinking skills - this will be the quilt against which all other quilts will be judged.