Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Wednesday Post

The Existential Southwest
I am alone, as always


New Mexico, the second youngest state, is located in the plateau region of the United States, at the southern end of the Rocky Mountains.  Rich in Indian history, today the Pueblo Indians live in about 20 pueblos, scattered from Taos to Isleta, and on the high mesas to the west.  Their ceremonial dances, which visitors are permitted to watch, are among the strangest relics of pagan worship on this continent.

Dear Harrietta - Yep, I'm still here and enjoying every minute.  To tell the truth - I dislike returning to Mich.  I do hope your problems will all vanish like mist.  Take good care of your self.  Love, Blanche

3830 East Van Buren  275-8541
"America's Fastest Growing Motel Chain"
Recommended by Diner's Club, Carte Blanche and American Express. 

One of the swell motels out here.  Terrifically hot weather.  At Phoenix Ariz it was 111°.  On to Las Vegas - hot there too.  The Klopkes

Won 3 Jackpots at Las Vegas but lost it again.


Dear folks,  we pray that Albert will improve each day.  Believe Galen is some better at this time.  We think of you Harriet.  I know how hard it can be when there is sickness.  Love, Galen and Ann

Kit Carson's Cave near Gallup, New Mexico.  Looking out of the cave you see the country as Kit Carson saw it in the 1860's where he sheltered his men while rounding up Navajo Indians for the long walk to Bosque Redondo.

Hi Gang -- Miss all of you.  But we are having a good time.  Just road bumming along.  May see you soon.  Bob.

night cat 1999
acrylic on canvas
23 1/2' x 19 1/2"

Hot days - hot nights - I ride my bike downtown at night - everything is quiet - I am alone, as always - black bike cuts through black night - the rattle of rims the only sound - this is my secret life - hidden under shadows on dark desert streets - besides this I find boredom - there isn't enough to do here - everyone is so lazy - there is nothing to accomplish - I just want to leave - I want to escape and never come back - at least I have my own place - I will be 31 in about 9 days - birthdays mean less and less - I'd rather be camping - under the trees - somewhere quiet and cooler - if you see Portland, tell her I miss her  Love, J


Dug said...

Wow - racism, angst, sickness, whitewashed genocide and "swell" motels all in one post! I do hope all their problems vanished like mist.

Michael5000 said...

Also ennui! Have their problems vanished like mist? We'll find out next week! Kind of!

Ben said...

New Mexico, the second youngest state? This must have been an old postcard when it was sent in 1975. But to claim second youngest, it must have been printed between January 3 and August 21 of 1959. That, or the writer got the facts wrong...

Michael5000 said...

I love how dated the postcard was already when sent, but New Mexico actually beat Arizona into the club by a few weeks. That gives the card a fairly comfortable correctness window between February 14, 1912 (Arizona) and January 3, 1959 (Alaska).

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

A few Chicagoans were the recipients of this travel joy. I should send people in New Mexico post cards from me surviving the West Side of Chicago.