Monday, May 19, 2014

MRTB Rides Again!

Today is the sixth Monday since I resumed publication of my original blog, Michael Reads the Bible.  When I decided I was going to do a great big serial book report on the foundational text of Western religion, I realized that it might take a while:
Groundrule VI: The timeline is loose. I don't intend to put down all other reading while I'm working on this, and the writing process will slow things down. I'm guessing it will take more than a year, all told.
So yeah, that was eight years ago, and I'm roughly 2/3 of the way through.  But at least I'm making forward progress again.

I had an hour to kill the other day and, just out of curiosity, threw together a little infographic charting my Bible-blog productivity per month.

You can tell that I rather hit the wall when I got to the major prophets. 

So, why did the Bible project hit the skids in 2010, and then disappear altogether in 2012?  Well, there's lots of reasons of course, including but not limited to developments at work, other home and hobby projects, and of course the rise of the mighty Infinite Art Tournament.  But all of that is just anecdotal.  Fortunately, there's a better scapegoat, something for which I happen to have a lot of data: running.

There you have it: convincing proof that a robust program of physical fitness is incompatible with religious study!  And actually, there's probably a fair amount of causation to go along with this correlation.  Going out and running seven or eight miles takes a lot of time, the way I do it.  So does reading the Bible, the way I do it.

At the moment I'm packing them both in, however.  So, if you feel like spending a Monday disputing my take on the Book of Jeremiah -- or, in a few weeks, Lamentations -- there will be a link for you over there on the top of the sidebar.

No pressure.


mrs.5000 said...

I just had an odd thought, of visiting the me of half a lifetime ago, say, and waving this post at her (best printed out on paper) and intoning, "This is the man you will marry." Cue the mixed reaction: denial, impatience, amusement, curiosity, relief.

gl. said...

mrs.5000: that made me laugh so hard. also: relief?

Michael5000 said...

What's not to be relieved about?