Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Wednesday Post

Greetings from Lusk, Wyoming!
The Avatar makes it to another town!

Last weekend the Avatar, running again after being out of action earlier in the month, reached the community of Lusk, a High Plains village with the somehow discouraging motto "The Little Town With Big Possibilities."

He did not stay at Smith's Tourist Court.

Nor did he put up at the Pioneer Court.

He did run down Main Street, though...

...wondering about what it used to look like, in the old days.

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mrs.5000 said...

Do you suppose that big thing across the street says "WELCOME TO LUSK The Little Town with Big Possibilities" on the opposite side? Oh, I guess if it did, it's been replaced with something more utilitarian...Oh, well. Thanks for the crushing disillusionment, Google.